When you are Angelina Jolie and have Brad Pitt on your side, you can make anything look excellent.

That’s why Angelina spent a measly $26 on a velvet gown at a thrift store for a significant film opened. She’s an example of taking charge of your financial resources: while generating the huge bucks as the face of an American fashion brand name, St John, she conserved by dropping tags at the thrift store.

So crank up the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and let us discover some smart money lessons from 6 of our favorite stars.

1. Winona Ryder

If you think that a $26 outfit’s cheap, wait till you hear the price range for Winona Ryder. The star of Beetlejuice and Woman, Interrupted admits to putting on $10 outfits to star-studded events. But that’s not at all. In a meeting with Red Publication she admits that she wore the very same outfit from a 2005 movie opened to Sean Penn’s Haiti gala in 2014. Winona wears an outfit until it breaks down.

Smart Money Lesson: In her own words, ‘I know that’s type of a no-no in the fashion world, but why wear something just as soon as if you enjoy it?’ Do not end up being a fashion victim and prevent getting new clothes each period.

2. Zooey Deschanel

If you are making $9 million annually (including a cool $95,000 to $125,000 per episode of New Girl), you ‘d expect to obtain an invite from the ultra special American Express Centurion Card, aka ‘The Black Card.’ Well, not Zooey Deschanel. In court papers from her 2012 divorce with Fatality Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard, the actress/musician revealed that she’s three credit cards and all with absolutely no balance. Even more, two of her cards have a maximum credit limit of $2,000 and one simply $1,000. With a monthly spending plan of $500 for dining out, Zooey needs to be paying all meals with money.

Smart Money Lesson: Have a credit card for emergency situation utilizes only. If you’ve to utilize it, pay the balance in full each month.

3. Tobey Maguire

Not simply the girls economize. For instance, take the original Mr. Spiderman. While Tobey Maguire is approximated to have a net worth of $75 million, he’s just comfy putting on jeans and T-shirts. Google for non-gala images of him and all you’ll certainly see are clothes that your neighbor down the street would put on. Tobey got his frugal mindset from his rough childhood. The star of The Great Gatsby admits that his family survived food stamps, made use of government med insurance coverage, as well as had to wander into shelters every now and then. This describes why he’s so structured in his spending and doesn’t invest in frivolities.

Smart Money Lesson: Don’t live beyond your ways. Tobey explains his frugal approach: ‘I simply never wanted to put myself in the position where my spending was so big that I’d to keep making movie after film.’

4. Mindy Kaling

The extremely funny comedienne is a fantastic example of the best ways to tame shopping addiction. Like lots of individuals, Mindy loves to shop ’til she drops. She admits to have actually even memorized her charge card number so that she can shop online anytime, anywhere approximately three times a week. However, she keeps herself in check by requiring herself to return about 75 % of exactly what she buys. Also, she’s a huge believer in sharing clothes with her sweethearts. In her book, Is Everyone Hanging Without with Me?, she insists that buddies can borrow from each other anything in their closet, no matter how elegant.

Smart Money Lesson: If you’ve a shopping routine, kick it by returning clothing as much as possible and sharing cool clothing with your buddies.

5. Kristen Bell

If someone has the greatest probability of leaving Hollywood and becoming the next host of Extreme Couponing, that’s got to be actress Kristen Bell. On an interview with Conan O’Brien, she reveals: ‘I go shopping practically solely with promos’. Like the majority of us, Kristen is a significant fan of big box sellers, specifically Bed Bath and Beyond and is a significant fan of its 20 % discount promo. Simply the thought of saving $80 on a purchase puts Kristen in an overjoyed mood!

Smart Money Lesson: Whenever you need to shop, first try to find promos to maximize your cost savings.

6. Vincent Kartheiser

Another well-known male celeb is mindful of living on a budget is Vincent Kartheiser. Although he plays an upper class slick ad salesperson in Mad Men, Vincent is one of the 10 % of Angelenos that depends only on public transportation. Yup, this big time actor doesn’t own a car. He thinks making use of mass transit’s wonderful. ‘Instead of driving and being burnt out about traffic, you can work your scene, you can do your exercises or whatever on the bus. Everybody’s got their own bargain.’ Vincent isn’t alone: the average American home now possesses fewer cars, returning to the levels of the early 1990s.

Smart Money Lesson: Consider consolidating into a single vehicle and increasing your use of public transportation. You’ll save money on gas, develop an opportunity to unwind, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Any thrifty stars I have missed out on? Please share in comments!