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In current years, the practice of tipping has actually handled a new level of controversy. Should you tip? When should you tip? Maybe we must simply make certain everyone is paid at least minimum wage and get rid of tipping completely.

It’s a challenging concern, and one that influences strong feelings. Nevertheless, exactly what’s even more complicated is the increase of tipping beyond what you leave for your food server or hotel room cleaner.

CNN Money mentions that numerous of us are at a loss, however if you’re in doubt, it’s most likely much better to tip. Here are 5 people that CNN Money thinks you need to be tipping:

  • Exterminator: If you’ve actually employed someone to obtain rid of an invasion, tipping is usually a good idea.
  • Cable installer: This doesn’t have to be a cash tip (given that some big companies restrict money tips). It can be a gesture of kindness, such as lunch or cold refreshments, according to CNN Cash.
  • Spray tan operator: If you get a spray tan, states CNN Cash, remember to tip. We usually tip hairstylist, but we often forget those that offer makeup or tanning services.
  • Dry cleaner: If you have had a stain gotten rid of, you can ask to leave a tip for the person doing the hard work. Additionally, this is another area where gestures of kindness can be acceptable, such as a bottle of wine, according to CNN Money.
  • Road service employee: The tow truck man who assisted may call for an idea, especially if it’s outside regular company hours, or if the weather elements are bad.

What do you consider tipping? Who do you tip?