It is not constantly obvious which banks are open on specific vacations, but no other holiday is more difficult to guess than Columbus Day. Falling on Oct. 13 this year, many Americans will certainly have a three-day weekend to celebrate Columbus Day. Find out which banks open on Columbus Day by taking a look at our complete vacation schedule for the 10 largest banks in the U.S.

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Which banks open on Columbus Day?

Many Americans really don’t celebrate or get a day off from employed by Columbus Day. Back in grade school, we were informed that Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas, however many do not accept the belief that he found America – as it was currently found by the native individuals who were living there before he ever landed.

Beyond the debate surrounding this holiday, there are few factors to consider. One is that Columbus Day is not a nationwide vacation in all states, meanings that it could or might not be recognized. More states are beginning to drop Columbus Day as a federal vacation. In addition, even if your state was recognizing it as a federal vacation, there is no way to know if your bank will be closing for sure, as it is still up to the financial organizations to decide what to do.

With that, right here is the vacation schedule for Columbus Day at the 10 largest banks in America:

Banks Columbus Day 2014 Locations
Bank of America Closed Find branches near you
Chase Open Find branches near you
Wells Fargo Open Find branches near you
Citibank Closed Find branches near you
U.S. Bank Varies by location Find branches near you
Capital One Closed Find branches near you
PNC Bank Closed (except select grocery store branches) Find branches near you
TD Bank Open Find branches near you
BB&T Closed Find branches near you
SunTrust Bank Closed (including in-store places) Find branches near you

Unlike most other federal vacations, nearly half of the count on list strategy to stay open. For instance, Chase, Wells Fargo, and TD Bank, which normally continue to be closed on other federal holidays, will keep their branches open for Columbus Day.

TD Bank customers may be surprised to discover their bank will certainly stay open, considering that they have been closing their doors on most federal vacations in the previous year.

Due to the growing variety of states not acknowledging Columbus Day as a vacation, many banks are remaining open.

For U.S. Bank, certain locations will certainly stay open, while others will certainly close. This likewise includes their in-store locations, so make sure to call your regional U.S. Bank before heading out to the bank.

Which states acknowledge Columbus Day as a federal holiday?

In the year 2000, Columbus was a recognized national holiday in all but three states: Arkansas, Hawaii, and Nevada.

Fast forward 14 years, and it is not recognized as a national vacation in 16 states, including: Alaska, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

That’s an average of more than one state dropping Christopher Columbus as a national holiday per year.

California and Texas removed Columbus Day as a paid holiday for government employees while still keeping it either as a day of acknowledgment or a legal vacation for other functions. Most just recently, the Seattle City Council unanimously passed a resolution on Monday, Oct. 6, 2014, honoring ‘Indigenous People’s Day’ in place of Columbus Day.

What you can do

Three days is a very long time not to have access to your bank – particularly if you have time-sensitive monetary tasks to look after. If your bank prepares to remain closed on Columbus Day, it is very important to plan ahead and stop by your regional branch before the three-day weekend starts – specifically if you have to complete transactions that need the assistance of a banker or a teller.

If you require money, drop in your bank’s ATM. You can likewise conduct standard banking needs with your mobile device.

Remember, bank deals will not be processed on federal holidays. Transactions made on Columbus Day will normally not be processed till the next company day, which is Tuesday, Oct. 14.

Take advantage of online banking to full deals or you can always call your bank’s customer service if you have a concern or issue. Find your bank’s customer care telephone number and a branch nearby you by searching for your bank on MyBankTracker’s Bank Profile page.

Other closings

Even though the U.S. government recognizes Columbus Day as a federal vacation, it is actually up to the specific states to state their own public holidays.

Closings for schools and government offices will vary by state. Outside of that, the majority of, if not all retail business will be open, although some may close early.

The stock market will likewise stay open, but the post office will be closed, so do not anticipate to receive mail on Columbus Day.