Marc Andreessen Illustration BI Blue background, credit scoreMarc Andreessen is no stranger to Silicon Valley. He was around throughout the dot com boom as well as bust of the very early aughts, and also he’s still there today. Netscape, which he co-founded in 1994, went on to become the first mainstream web internet browser. And also his venture capital company, Andreessen Horowitz, has supported several of the greatest start-ups around.

His thoughts, which he abundantly shares on Twitter, have made him a symbol.

The venture capitalist lately took a seat with New York Journal’s Kevin Roose to review the state of Silicon Valley and the globally technology industry.

Here are 3 business truisms upon which he consistently adheres:

1. All comments is good comments. Andreessen enjoys to put out his thought and feelings, as well as disputes with others, on Twitter. These do not come without reaction, of course.

‘Every morning,’ says Andreessen, ‘I wake up and numerous lots folks have described to me thoroughly exactly how I’m a moron on Twitter, which is really relatively helpful.’

This comments keeps Andreessen from living inside of a bubble, which he advises is awesome. ‘It’s extremely uncommon that billionaires actually quit and assume, Everybody’s nicer to me compared to they were 10 years earlier, ‘ claims Andreessen. ‘This is not restricted to billionaires. This applies to presidents, senators, congressmen, mayors, any person that enters a position of power.’

2. An investment is more than monetary. As a venture capitalist, Andreessen does not merely toss money at companies and wait for a go back to show up.

‘A bunch of my time is working with creators as well as CEOs of companies in the collection,’ says Andreessen, ‘I’m essentially completely available to all them.’

3. Law is not your pal. Andreessen is a vocal enemy of new regulations and also policy.

‘There’s this misconception that federal government regulation is well intentioned and also benign, and executed effectively,’ states Andreessen. ‘That’s the misconception. And after that when individuals really encounter this in the real world, they’re, ‘Oh, fuck, I really did not recognize.”

At the end of the day, it’s suggestions that relocate a business onward, not cynicism. ‘My presumptive tendency,’ says Andreessen: ‘is not to ask, ‘Is it visiting function?’ It’s, ‘Well, what if it does work?”

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