NOTE FROM BOB: If you’ve been around the website for a while you understand that we’ve numerous writers with varying opinions and methods to things. I personally like this and love hearing opposing deem they assist me think about new things that I couldn’t have and help me to continue to grow. Today’s post is no different. I’m in fact a substantial fan of to-do lists and cannot picture my life without, however I think Carol raises some actually good points in this short article that’ll absolutely be useful to a lot of readers. Enjoy!

Previously I shared with you exactly how I keep my objectives for the New Year in front of my face. I want you to know that it’s exercising excellent. However in the daily operations of a writing company, that visual only reveals goals. How am I expected to turn that into a day-to-day task list?

My Problem with To-Do Lists

First, I’ve an issue with order of business. I’m an overachiever. When I make a to-do list, it’ll have a bazillion things on it. I’ll put everything on that list from ‘write a brand-new blog post’ to ‘trim my fingernails.’ I’ll place on that list absolutely everything I wish to do, ever, for everything. Then, that evening when I am looking over my list to see exactly how I did, I end up discouraged due to the fact that only two things were crossed off.

“Excellent grief, Carol. You only did two things on your list today. Exactly what did you waste your time on?” That’s how I think. And afterwards I go to sleep sensation beat, like I did not accomplish anything.

It doesn’t matter that the plumbing backed up which I’d a flat on the way to the hardware establishment.

It doesn’t matter that when my child put the spare on that we discovered it was also flat.

It doesn’t matter that when I finally returned home I recognized I’d actually left the range on since smoke was coming out the kitchen window when I drew in the driveway and I’d a melted pan on the stovetop.

It does not matter that I splashed drain-opener on myself while fixing the pipe and wound up in the physician’s office to treat the succeeding burns.

What matters is that I only did two things on my order of business!

I can’t give myself a break.

My “Not To-Do” Graphics

The initial step I’ve actually taken to get rid of sensation beat on a daily basis is to create a ‘not-to-do list.’ This is not actually a list, it’s another graphic. It might appear like this:

Not to do list 001

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Take each section of your Objective Graphic and paste it in the center of a piece of paper. Then write down ideas for accomplishing each objective, in pencil, as much as you can fit on the paper. (Don’t utilize a pen, use a pencil. I’ll describe later on.) On this example, I’ve lists of article concepts, people to call, and internet sites to take a look at– everything I can think of to do. Do this for each section of your Goal Graphic and when you’re done, you’ll have 5 of these brainstorming sheets. I call them my not-to-do graphics. You can call them whatever you desire.

Each day, when I can get to my desk, I take a look at these sheets and pick one thing to do and get hectic. Preferably, I’ll do one thing from each sheet. (Bear in mind the “5 actionable actions” from the last post?) But if I get disrupted and don’t get that far, that’s fine. I simply work on one point at a time. When I get that one thing done, I erase it from my not-to-do graphic. I don’t cross it off. I don’t desire the temptation of returning to see how many things I have crossed off, I just desire it to vanish.

My “What I Did Today” List

After I erase something from my not-to-do graphic, I compose it on my ‘what-I-did-today list.’ I don’t keep this list on a paper because, like my Objective Graphic, I don’t wish to lose it. I keep this list in Evernote. You might keep it as a Word file, or on a phone app. It does not matter where you keep it, as long as you keep it in a prominent place. This picture is what my what-I-did-today list looks like:

what i did today

Did you observe that I also put everything else I did on there, too? I work from house. I’m a mama and a homeowner. I attempt to work part-time hours on my business but in some cases life obstructs. Plumbing backs up, tires go flat, kids get sick. However due to the fact that I attend to these minor emergency situations, that doesn’t mean I was non-productive. And I don’t want to take a look at my “list” and be lied to. This approach might appear in reverse, but it gives me a truthful picture of my efficiency and keeps me from going to sleep each night sensation defeated.

Do not let your order of business get you down. Be motivated by taking a look at the complete image. Begin a not-to-do and a what-I-did-today list. You’ll be amazed about how much you actually get done.