earpods vs generic iphone 5

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When I held my brand name new iPhone 5 in an AT&T store back in December, I understood it was love at first sight.

Then I forgot my charger at home for the first time.

The 3 perfectly good iPhone 4 chargers I’d stashed in my desk were totally useless, and I went house with a dead phone for the first time ever before.

The honeymoon phase was over.

Like the iPhone addict that I am, I knew I required at least four backups in order to have actually a guaranteed source of power any place I went.

I could not stomach dropping an additional $80 on chargers so soon after blowing $300 on a brand-new phone, which is why I was delighted to see an extraordinary Cost Brothers/Via Google Offers deal in January.

For $17 + $5 shipping, I got exactly what appeared like a pair of iPhone 5 Earpods, a 10-ft Lightning cable, a vehicle charger and a wall charger (valued at $106 dollars).

I was just interested in the Earpods and charger (I do not drive and my old wall chargers work just great with the iPhone 5), but because both are worth $20 – $30 a piece, I figured it was still a bargain. I went all out.

And I was deeply frustrated.

When the bundle lastly showed up a few weeks later, I instantly tried out the headphones. They looked virtually exact same to the real thing.

But it did not take long to understand these were no Earpods. Every little thing I listen to noises as if I am at one end of a tin could and the songs is on the various other end of the world. Other people I know who purchased the same offer were similarly let down.

After the earbuds, I took a more detailed look at the wall charger. According to the label, it’s made by a common brand name called ‘Happy China.’ The same plug sells for a measly $1.52 on Amazon.com. There are no manufacturers labeled on the other items in the package, so I could not check.

Maybe all the products in this kit’d be valued at $106 if they were manufactured by Apple, but as far as I could inform, these are precisely the kind of generic knockoffs tech professionals predicted would flood the market right after the brand-new phone was released. I’ve actually had $5 earbuds from Big Great deals that appear much better than exactly what Cost Brothers is selling.

Earlier today, I telephoned Expense Brothers as a routine customer with a problem. A representative answered after the 3rd ring, was perfectly respectful and even provided to send a replacement pair of earbuds to me immediately.

But when I called once again later and asked to speak with a press representative, they were less than useful. The person I talked to (somebody named Oscar) told me they ‘never stated the accessories were from Apple’ and quickly hung up on me.

The trouble, nevertheless, is not that the product is not Apple-made. It’s that they say it’s valued at $106 when it’s safe to say it’s not. I connected to a press rep for Google Offers, which is still running the exact same offer through April, and am waiting to hear back.

The takeaway: If you are searching for affordable Apple accessories, simply understand exactly what you are getting yourself into. Most of those incredible deals are merely knockoffs. I did get an additional charger from the offer, and it works great as far as I can tell, but I cannot help but seem like I paid $22 for five products and got just one that’s of any use. I may as well have actually paid out the $30 for a new charger from an actual Apple shop and minimized shipping.