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Katie Barnett from Vinton County, Ohio isn’t having a good week.

Ohio’s 10TV recently reported that when Barnett came home after returning from vacation, she discovered all the belongings in her residence were gone. It ends up that First National Bank was responsible for the repossessing, however right here’s the kicker: Barnett doesn’t bank there.

“They repossessed my residence on mishap, thinking it was the house across the street,” Barnett states. “They told me that the GPS led them to my house. My turf hadn’t been trimmed and they just presumed.”

When spoken to for a comment, First National Bank had the gall to say that a GPS had assisted them there. Reporters for 10TV carried out a test on their car’s own GPS, and they were pointed to the appropriate home with no trouble at all. Does First National Bank think individuals are silly, creating such a weak reason?

On top of an already horrendous experience of getting her possessions eliminated, Barnett sent an itemized list over to First National Bank, firmly insisting to be compensated, as is her right. Not surprisingly, she was rejected by the bank,” [The First National Bank head of state] got very firm with me and stated, ‘We aren’t paying you retail, that’s simply the way it is.'”

Barnett wants First National Bank to compensate her $18,000 for the items that’d been taken away, and the bank has actually demanded that she show them receipts for all the products, which is definitely ridiculous. How’d it be possible to produce receipts for all the products, especially when Barnett hadn’t been expected to replace or return them in the first location? Such an unreasonable request from First National Bank is most likely one of the many reasons Americans are still wary with banks.

“It wouldn’t have actually been a huge deal if they’d actually stepped up to state, ‘I am sorry, we will replace your stuff,'” states Barnett. “Rather, I am getting attitude from them, they are getting ironical with me. They make it seem like I am trying to rip the bank off. And all I desire is my stuff back.”

The most current upgrade on the scenario is that First National Bank is trying to deal with Katie Barnett to remedy the circumstance, however it does not appear like the bank wants to declare full responsibility.