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Some of the leading business in America are worth billions of dollars, so just how much do their CEOs make every year?

The subject of how much top Chief executive officers make has actually been a questionable one, to say the least, as lots of feel these presidents are means paid too much. Just recently, Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg asked for an annual salary of $1, signing up with the circle of other exceptionally affluent executives such as Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page (each worth $30 billion), who’ve both taken house a $1 income for over 10 years.

A study from Equilar has actually revealed just how much executives from the largest business in the United States are making. Take a look at the highest-paid CEOs in America – is it a warranted income for the superior companies they run? Or are they overpaid?

10 Highest-paid Chief executive officers in America

10. American ExpressKenneth Chenault – The American Express Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Chenault earns $21.7 million. He’s the highest-paid Chief Executive Officer from a charge card company, and earns $12.6 million from stock options. Ken ended up being the third African American Chief Executive Officer of a Fortune 500 business in 2001, when he was named CEO of American Express.

9. Paal Kibsgaard – Paul is the Chief Executive Officer of Schlumberger, the world’s biggest oilfield services business. He currently makes $22 million, with $17.1 million of that amount in stock options.

8. Larry Merlo – Making $22.9 million as CVS Caremark Chief Executive Officer, Larry Merlo has actually been with the business for over Twenty Years. From his wage, Merlo earns $10.8 million from stock choices. CVS recently specified the company would stop selling cigarettes by October 2014. Whether that harms the business’s earnings stays to be seen.

7. Alan Mulally – Alan ended up being the President and CEO of Ford Motor Company in 2006. He makes $23.2 million, and $14.7 million of that amount in stock choices.

6. James McNerney – The Boeing Chief Executive Officer earns $23.3 million, and $7.6 million of that amount from stock alternatives.

5. David Farr – David earns $25.3 million as the Chief Executive Officer of Emerson Electric, which is a boost of 264 percent from his pay just one year earlier. His revenues grew considerably from his stock earnings.

4. David Cote – The Honeywell Chief Executive Officer currently earns $25.4 million, with $8.9 million of that amount in stock alternatives.

3. Rupert Murdoch – Rupert Murdoch is CEO of 21st Century Fox. He makes $26.1, with $5.2 million of that amount through stock options. The 83 year old is estimated to have a total assets of $13.4 billion.

2. Bob Iger – The CEO of Disney, Bog Iger, earns $34.3 million annually. Iger made $17.3 million from stock alternatives.

1. Larry Ellison – The CEO of Oracle, the computer innovation company, makes more than double of Bob Iger’s wage, at $78.4 million. Exactly how’s he able to earn so much? His stock choices provides him a total of $76.9 million yearly. Ellison isn’t just the top-paid Chief Executive Officer in America, but he’s likewise provided as the 5th wealthiest man in the world, with a total assets of $48 billion.

Fun Fact: The leading 10 Chief executive officers earn an integrated total amount of $302.6 million each year. One-third, or $110.1 million originates from cash payment, while $192.5 million is earned from stock choices.