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In 2003, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was passed, sweeping into effect a wealth of changes focuseded on shielding customers of all demographic and socio-economic backgrounds who make use of credit cards. Perhaps the most fundamental part of this legislation was the mandate that all UNITED STATE citizens are entitled to a complimentary credit report from each of the three primary bureaus each fiscal year.

Free Credit Report Caveats

As with any kind of federal or free of cost program, there are a couple of sticking points with how you can get your complimentary credit reports.

First, the reports have to be requested by each individual each year. While you can phone in or mail in a form to process your complimentary credit report request, the easiest course of action is to browse the web. In a matter of minutes, you can have your credit report downloaded, printed, and evaluated. This is key in remaining on top of your accounts, guaranteeing your information is accurate, and shielding yourself from identification fraud.

Second, the report does not utilize your credit rating, the number that loan providers describe in order to designate interest rates to your loans and charge card accounts, determine your credit worthiness, and choose about how/when to extend you credit.

However, there’s a way to get both your credit report AND your credit rating free of charge …

The Quizzle Advantage

While most of the buzz around the FCRA legislation utilized the launch of as a portal for consumers to obtain their cost-free credit reports, don’t sell yourself brief by choosing the report there. Instead, you can utilize Quizzle to obtain your cost-free credit report AND your credit score!

Best of all, Quizzle doesn’t need enrollment in a trial duration for any services or product, and it doesn’t require a credit card because there’s no fee to offer your report and score. Additionally, the Quizzle platform provides numerous extras for evaluating your credit report such as determining exactly what your debt burden is and the amount of additional money you’ll have monthly after paying your costs (if you choose in to including certain group information to your profile).

Beware the Imposters

Regardless of which website or option you choose to process your complimentary credit report request, take care to guarantee you are securing your individual information by only checking out respectable sites. There are a huge selection of imposter websites out there focuseded on gathering your individual info and sending a barrage of services and product advertisements your means. Keep in mind, this is a COST-FREE service provided as an outcome of the FCRA– you don’t need to invest a cent to evaluate your credit report!