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Right now, debate swirls around the concern of whether or not it’s worth it to go to school and acquire a bachelor’s degree. With costs rising, and with students encumbered trillions in student financial obligation, it seems as though it makes more sense to start working.

But exactly what if you could go to a school that provides you the chance to make even more upon graduation? According to CNN Cash, there are some institutions that actually can assist you improve your pay when you complete. Below are the institutions with the leading results for pay upon college graduation:

  • Harvey Mudd College: This exclusive liberal arts college is highly selective, and it concentrates on science, engineering, and medicine. These are high-paying careers, so its very little of a shock that the typical starting income for graduates is $73,300.
  • United States Naval Academy: If you can make it through the Naval Academy, you’ve the opportunity to sign up with the elite. And, you’ve a shot at a beginning salary of $77,100.
  • Caltech: With a focus on science and engineering, and with a reputation as one of the best STEM institutions, it’s not surprising that that Caltech graduates are able to discover jobs with beginning salaries of as much as $68,400.
  • Stevens Institute of Technology: Possibilities are that you have not even become aware of this institution. However, there’s a higher priority put on study at this university, and many of the students focus on engineering and physics. Starting wage is $64,900.
  • Babson College: This is an institution that places focus on entrepreneurship. Students who plan on working for themselves experience an extreme educational program, and the possibility to make as much as $59,700 as a beginning wage.

One of the usual threads with these institutions is an emphasis on STEM. So, even if you don’t go to one of these elite institutions, you might still be able to make the most of your university education if you concentrate on specific topics.