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Whether you are spring cleaning or attempting to reduce post-holidays mess, donating made use of toys can assist clean out your house and do some efficient the exact same time. Getting those toys cleaned, put together, and working is the first step, after which you should discover a place that accepts toy donations.

I always do a huge toy clean-out before Christmas, which commonly leaves me with boxes and bags filled with delicately utilized products that can go to an excellent cause. I like talking about each charity with my children to describe where their old toys are going. By describing how various other kids can use their formerly loved equipment, my youngsters get involved in the spirit of providing – and they like to have input regarding where we contribute their stuff.

By investigating your options for donating toys, you can deal with your household to select a method to donate or a specific cause that’s most deserving of your contribution. Naturally, you do not need to select simply one – divvy up your contributions to several different causes if you cannot choose simply one.

Toy Donation Options

1. Resell Charities
Charity thrift stores such as Goodwill and The Salvation Military accept toys then put them on the establishment floor for others to buy. Any proceeds they collect from the sale of the toys is put back into programs that benefit the needy right in your own community. Nevertheless, you must call your regional store prior to donating – if there’s a surplus of toys in the store, your contribution could be declined. Nonetheless, if your contribution is accepted, it’s a fantastic means to guarantee that households have access to low-priced toys while helping to continue funds in your own neighborhood.

2. Regional Shelters and Children’s Centers
If you understand of a shelter or kids’s charity in your location, there’s a likelihood that it accepts toy contributions. After all, children will be children, and youngsters who visit shelters can feel more at ease when there are toys nearby. You just have to call ahead, as some charities will not accept toy contributions.

Other puts to check include a youngsters’s social services workplace, your local Boys & Girls Club, and toy drives organized by schools, healthcare facilities, and even grocery or outlet store. You can likewise make use of the Homeless Shelter Directory site to discover shelters in your area.

3. Preschools and Nurseries
A regional for-profit preschool or nursery couldn’t be an EO (exempt company), so contributing there will not net you a deduction on your taxes. Still, it’s a generous gift if you have seen that a preschool needs some carefully used toys. Simply be sure to call prior to you generate a contribution, as there might be some standards to prep toys.

4. Church Charities
Churches are tax-exempt companies, so you can declare a reduction if you donate old toys to a church baby room. Many religious organizations offer daycares or baby rooms to their parishioners, and because the service is commonly affordable or free, they are often in need of toys. It’s an excellent way to give back, particularly if you’ve actually had a chance to benefit from a church’s child care services in the past.

5. Freecycle
If you do not desire or need a tax reduction but wish to buy rid of an item rapidly, look online. You can use a website such as Freecycle to post items that you ‘d such as to hand out. Just watch out for publishing personal details, and never ever share your address. Instead, satisfy people in public places, such as the car park of a grocery store, to hand off the products.

You can likewise look for online swap meets and charity yard sale using websites such as Facebook and Craigslist. These satisfies collect contributions then sell the products to benefit a great cause, so it’s an excellent means to obtain rid of additional stuff.

toy donation

Specific Charities

While regional charities might or couldn’t require toys, nationwide charities normally constantly accept donations. Below are numerous specific nationwide charities that are searching for products, such as toys and games.

6. Toys for Tots
While you might connect Toys for Tots with a require brand-new, unwrapped toys, the Marine-facilitated charity also takes used toys in great shape. If you’ve a box to donate, head over to the Toys for Tots site, where you can enter your state and schedule a pickup or find a drop-off area. Simply remember that used toys might be distributed in a different way than brand-new products – they might go to shelters or centers, instead of to individual kids.

If you want to give back but don’t have any brand-new or secondhand toys, Toys for Tots also routinely problems calls for money donations and warehouse volunteers, which could be an exceptional chance for you to give back without really offering a toy donation.

7. Toys “R” Us
Toys ‘R’ United states typically has a donation bin at the front entry of the establishment where you can place donations, even if you are not preparing to go shopping there, for circulation to worthy charities. The establishment likewise often deals with Toys for Tots to gather new, unwrapped toys for the holiday season– a great means to repurpose that duplicate action figure from Grandmother after the holidays.

8. Ronald McDonald House
I volunteer at a Neonatal Intensive Care System, so I regularly see households who’re able to benefit from the services The Ronald McDonald Home has to provide. The Ronald McDonald Home offers lodging and centers to families whose children are receiving care in a neighboring healthcare facility. Our home makes it possible for families who could live further away to be near their little ones in a time of need.

Of course, The Ronald McDonald Residence provides facilities for entire households, which means it’s continually in demand of toys to keep brother or sisters occupied while remaining there. You can help by donating your toys to your regional chapter. Your children’ pre-loved things could help various other children feel more in your home when far from their own toys.

9. Loving Hugs or Stuffed Animals for Emergencies
Another deserving kind of charity that can utilize old toys are those that offer children a familiar things in times of emergency. Both Loving Hugs and Stuffed Animals for Emergencies provide stuffed toys to children in crisis situations, whether it’s a natural disaster or while taking an ambulance flight. I have discovered that my kids are particularly open to donating their things to emergency charities, since it’s something they can comprehend: The idea of being terrified or unfortunate and the convenience of a packed animal.

What to Avoid

While most charities are delighted to receive toy donations, there are numerous things that you need to stay clear of:

  • Do not Provide Broken or Soiled Toys. Many centers do not have the capability to clean and fix products, so they may simply be tossed in the garbage if they cannot be put back together rapidly.
  • Do not Provide Products With Pieces Missing. It’s unlikely that a charity has the capability to find a replacement.
  • Do not Provide Baby Items That Are Made to Go in a Child’s Mouth. Pacifiers and bottles normally are declined. Some charities don’t accept child items, duration – so if you are trying to donate strollers, bouncy seats, and the like, call ahead initially.
  • Do not Leave Items Unattended. Charities that accept toys frequently have designated drop-off points or pickup accessibility, so leaving a box of toys at a charity door is in bad type. At least, call ahead and let them know you are coming.
  • Do not Attempt to Give Utilized Toys to Hospitals. While they could’ve the ability to make use of a couple of books and clean products in a waiting room, there are stringent hygiene standards that need to be abided by when it comes to having toys in clients’ rooms. If you wish to contribute toys, new items – with tags – are best.
  • Do not Wrap Toys. Make certain your contributions are unwrapped and totally noticeable.
  • Do not Give Products That Have actually Been Recalled. Such toys should be returned to the producer, not donated to charity.

toy donation

Toys and Taxes

You can typically assert toy donations as a deduction on your taxes, however you need to do a couple of things first. To start, catalog all the products you are contributing by kind and exactly what shape they’re in. Then, you must specifically donate to a tax-exempt organization. If you are uncertain if a center can claim exempt company status, check the IRS EO Select Inspect tool. Then, ask the organization for a contribution receipt when you drop off the toys – you’ll require it for your tax records.

Final Word

If none of these choice work for you, go to, a website developed to help with complimentary contribution pickups for charities in your area. By going to the website, you can set up a pickup and shipment to a charity of your option merely by inputting your ZIP code.

Wanting to donate old toys is absolutely commendable, and there are actually hundreds of deserving charities that could use your aid. It can seem overwhelming, but by making the charity selection a household affair, you can get extra toy mess out of your house while instilling a spirit of giving within your children.

Which other charities would you recommend for used toy contributions?