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Sure, what you spend your money on can state a lot about you. However what about how you invest that money? Similar to, state, your vehicle, your credit card makes a statement about who you’re or aim to be, so discover yourself in the list below, and see what your card says about you.

Have an: Amex EveryDay Card?

Then you may be: a Supermom…or Tina Fey.

Beyond just having a hilarious commerical in which Liz Lemon herself extols ‘chacne’ (you know, chin acne), this card makes perfect sense for anybody who does a lot of grocery shopping, and/or have differing expenditures that’ll help earn the 20 % benefit points.

Have a: Barclay Arrival Card?

Then you may be: a Trendsetter … and a Jetsetter.

This brand-new travel benefits card is all the rage amongst miles enthusiasts. Its current register bonus offer is 20,000 miles (or 40,000 for their fee card). It’s an exceptional target for serial card signer-uppers on the hunt for (huge) bonuses.

Have a: Discover it Card?

Then you may be: Attentive. Diligent.

The Discover it Card works on a quarterly rotating schedule of cash-back classifications, which means to genuinely make the most of it, you have got to the be type of individual who focuses on detail, and knows specifically which card to utilize for which purchase. Furthermore, the card offers a free FICO Credit Score monthly, no foreign deal costs, and no late charge for your first late payment. These things matter to the micromanager.

Have a: Chase Freedom Card?

Then you may be: Creative. Impulsive.

This card likewise has quarterly rotating classifications for benefit cash back, but it likewise includes a 10 % yearly incentive for having a Chase checking account and permits you to transfer points to among their travel rewards cards, which would permit you to obtain discounted (or complimentary) travel, if you select the fly that’s how you want to roll.

Have a: NFL Extra Points Card?

Then you may be: Loyal. Passionate.

Got a NFL Extra Points Card? You are so devoted to a football team that you really want everyone who takes your order or swipes your grocery payment to know it. You also get deep discounts and two times the rewards for buying NFL equipment, so you never ever need to feel guilty about your foam fingers.

Have an: American Express Gold Card?

Then you may be: Old School.

You do not even trouble with the the chance to carry a balance. That’s not your design. One of the OG bank card, from among the oldest credit card companies, you like to keep it real.

Have a: Airline Rewards Card?

Then you may be: a Frequent Flyer

If you’ve an airline branded card, you are making weekly journeys on your favorite airline. You constantly choose the very same seat number. You get concern boarding. And not just does your friend fly complimentary, every other air travel for you is free, too. You’re most likely carrying the Citi AAdvantage World MasterCard or US Airways Dividend Miles card.

Have a: CapitalOne VentureOne Card?

Then you may be: an Adventure-Seeker.

You want your financials to be easy, due to the fact that you are busy dreaming up your next experience. The VentureOne Rewards Card gets you 1.25 miles per dollar spent, on every purchase, with no restriction. There are no classifications. There’s no fuss. You make additional miles no matter exactly what you are spending on. And you’ll utilize those miles to fund your adventures.

Have a: Citi Simplicity Card?

Then you may be: a Homebody … staying with a spending plan.

The Simplicity Card does not make you any points. Exactly what it does, is offer no late costs, no penalty rates, and a 0 % APR on purchases and balance transfers for 18 months. You do not wish to gather miles or points, because that’s just going to make you go trying to find things to spend them on. This card also does some heavy lifting– scouring hundreds of merchant websites for 30 days after a purchase to assist find a lower cost. If one is found that’s lower by a minimum of $25, you get the cost difference back!

Have a: Williams-Sonoma Visa Card?

Then you may be: a Perfectionist.

Lean back in your large cream armoire, kick your feet up on that elegantly rustic hybrid-chest-coffee table, and confess it: you invest a lot of time and cash seeing to it your home looks exactly how you envisioned it in your head.

Have a: Chase Sapphire Preferred Card?

Then you may be: Social. Artistic.

This considerable card has an instant visual appeal, so you may well have the artful eye. The card’s customers service also links you directly to an actual human without needing to learn menu after menu of automated alternatives, indicating you could be the kind of person who values interaction (maybe even small-talk ?!) over callous, automatic effectiveness.

Have a: Black Card?

Then you may be: Jay-Z.