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It’s hard to believe we’re approaching the end of 2013. I suspect time flies when you’re out bargain searching. As normal, I’ve put together a list of the items you must’ve on your buying list, and the ones that need to be kicked to the curb this month.

First, What to Buy…

Thanksgiving is coming. And so is Black Friday. It’s fair to state this is one of the busiest buying months of the year, with some unforeseen cost drops. Keep your eyes peeled off, and you can really bag some significant bargains this month.

1. Halloween Everything

On November 1st, the stores will be doing everything they can to shift the Halloween stock and make even more space for Thanksgiving and Christmas merchandise. And this year, that can be good information for you, as some Halloween parties are happening on the 1st and 2nd of November. You’ll see 50 % decreases practically right away, with costs stopping by 90 % within two weeks. The longer you wait, the less choice you’ll have. However now is an excellent time to stock up for next year.

2. Wedding Outfits and Paraphernalia

People generally don’t like getting married in winter season. It’s hardly unexpected, when most of us are handling ice, snow, and freezing temperature levels. But if you don’t mind, you can snag some real bargains and lower the cost of your wedding by a chunk. Keep in mind, the typical wedding now costs over $25,000. If you can cut 25 % off that expense, you’ve simply swiped over $6,000. That’s a nice honeymoon.

3. The Xbox 360 and PS3

The back half of November sees the release of 2 new games systems – the Xbox One, and the PS4. That indicates the existing systems are going to get marked down heavily. You’ll probably see them drop to a staggering $100 each on Black Friday, although that’ll probably be a bare bones system. If you don’t care about having the latest gaming systems, these are still incredible systems and well worth your money.

4. Sneakers

I like November. I’m a sneaker enthusiast, and this is among the best months to purchase them. People are focusing on winter season shoes, and shoes for their winter holidays in the sun. So, do a little online buying and anticipate to see the cost of wonderful tennis shoes stop by at least 50 %.

5. Cookware and Kitchen area Utensils

Thanksgiving is a substantial occasion in the kitchen area. It appears like everyone goes overboard, cooking adequate food for the entire community. We typically see price drops between 20 % to 60 % off, with stores banking on the home cooks clearing them out of kitchen area items.

6. Toys, Toys, Toys

In the past, it was best to wait until Black Friday for the toy bargains. Not any longer. Nowadays, Black Friday is far more focused on electronic devices, computers, devices and loss leaders like DVDs and Blu Rays. Toys get forgotten. So the merchants are dropping the costs previously, providing hectic moms and dads and grandparents the opportunity to obtain out prior to the madness and grab some bargains well prior to December. You ought to do also. Also, November 9th is Community Toy Shop Day. You’ll see a lot of promos around that.

7. Candy

Along with the Halloween clothing and decorations, the aisles of sweet are likewise discounted by up to 90 %. It’s all completely excellent to consume – the expiration dates are method off – however the Halloween themed wrappers make them unfavorable. So the stores will do their best to shift everything, even high-end chocolates and deals with. If you don’t care (and actually, who does?) and the themed sweet, you’ll get a lot of goodies for you throw.

8. Christmas Trees

I hate to promote the concept of Christmas in November, however there’s an excellent reason for it. Go shopping for a tree in the last week of the month, and you’ll have your pick of the best, fullest, straightest trees on the lot. And they’ll be at the most affordable price of the season. Why wait a couple of weeks, when you’ll be selecting with the scraps and paying more for the benefit?

And What to Avoid…

So we all know what’s coming. It grows, crazier, and earlier every year. Black Friday is in the last week of November, and you’re getting some severe bargains on that day, and on Cyber Monday. So, till that day, here are the products you ought to prevent.

1. Electronics

Black Friday is a definitely awesome time to buy your electronic devices, including computer game systems, Blu-Ray players, flat screen Televisions and, well, practically anything that falls into this category.

2. Christmas Decorations

Common sense will tell you that as we gear up for the wedding, the stores are going to make the most of us. Right now you won’t see good discounts at all. Possibly 5 % -10 % off to get the ball rolling. But savvy shoppers will have stockpiled last year after Christmas, with the significant deals they can now be proud of.

3. Calendars

The 2014 calendars are out now, and they’re all full rate, or very near to it. There’s no should go out and get one now, when simply a few weeks into January they’ll be getting heavily discounted. If you can wait, you’ll reap the rewards.

What’re you planning to purchase this month?