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For the previous five weeks, I’ve actually been privileged enough to recognize among my wildest dreams: Travelling worldwide. A whirlwind trip due to various professional and personal duties, I flew over 30,000 miles and visited 13 various nations in the period of 40 days. Aside from a severe exercise in jetlag and culture shock, my trips presented me to the different means that money– or the lack of it– plays a duty in societies around the world.

The Quest for More

At home, I reside in Boston. A capital for education and company development, my city is overrun with smart, effective people. Unfortunately, a great deal of those people are driven by their pursuit for money. $100 suppers and designer suits are a cent a dozen here, and it’s often tough to discover your path if you are not somebody whose inspiration is tied to a bank statement or an investment property.

Now obviously there are a lot of relatively pleased individuals who live below in New England. However even those people can feel the squeeze of an exorbitant expense of living and the ever-present pressure to make more and have even more and eat more. It’s a pretty fantastic dichotomy to reside in a location like Boston yet travel and hang around in less developed countries where individuals couldn’t understand where the next increase of cash is coming from, let alone their next meal.

Being Pleased Despite Exactly what You Have

As I traveled with places like Bali, Fiji, Thailand, and Egypt, I found myself awestruck by the beauty around me. But I was thoroughly mesmerized by how happy the people were in spite of the circumstances surrounding them. These are people who’ve little to absolutely nothing to their names, who’re lucky to even have a roofing over their heads– even if it’s a pile of sticks that leaks abundantly throughout each rainstorm.

Speaking of rainstorms, the rain is celebrated in Bali since its arrival implies bath time. During a rainstorm, you’ll discover some of the residents washing themselves– in the ditches along the side of the road which are typically fulled of trash, debris, and animal waste. However as the water hurries over them and they are able to take a “shower,” you ‘d never when guess that any of them are anything less than elated.

While money is a priority and a major source of tension on many levels, it doesn’t determine these peoples’ sense of self, confidence, or priorities in their lives. The guy who walked down the dirt roadway barefoot was genuinely pleased and well-adjusted whereas the tourist with the $3K camera around her neck was overheard complaining about having to walk a couple of blocks …

Placing Less Emphasis on Money

While I’d lots of time to process exactly what I was observing and have a lot of various other anecdotes that could be shared, the primary takeaway for me is that life should not be everything about the money. Yes, I’ve to eat and have a location to rest, however I do not should’ve the latest and greatest of every little thing. And I definitely don’t should sustain my life with the continuous quest for even more cash.

What we’ve to do is to stop, take a look around, and be grateful for the non-monetary blessings in our lives. When you strip away the money, the elegant automobiles, and the nice clothes, what do you have? If there is not substance below the surface, are you really living a pleased life as a happy individual? I think my new pals in Bali are on to something– walking barefoot down a dirt roadway is not all that bad when you’ve somebody you love alongside you.