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It’s now officially August, indicating completion of summer! Many New Yorkers are opting to pass the remaining days of warm weather condition waiting in line for a tasty new development.

In national information, the banks have actually been acting badly, and it’s costing them, big-time. With the most-trusted financial institutions seemingly dropping the ball, consumers are being impacted, and making it known that they’re piping mad.

For even more information on the highlights of this previous week, let us jump into the weekly wrap:

  • New MyBankTracker writer Shirley discussed the latest fad food that’s New Yorkers in a frenzy, Cronuts (have a look at the line pictured above!). The group dished on exactly what we thought of the hype in this week’s Money Chat.
  • We are looking for one engaged reader to inform us about their favorite cost-efficient DIY, motivated by last week’s Money Challenge, for a chance to win a $50 AMEX giftcard!
  • Yesterday JPMorgan Chase agreed to pay $410 million in an outrageous settlement. We give you the 411 as well as four other high-profile banks that have actually been embroiled in controversy recently.
  • Equifax has to cough up over $18 million in punitive damages to a Portland, OR lady for giving her an incorrect credit report.
  • A Vinton County, Ohio female returned home after vacation and discovered that First National Bank had actually inadvertently foreclosed on her residence.
  • AIG Bank has actually announced it’ll discontinue operations to service retail deposit accounts
  • Our new guide breaks down everything you should find out about Social Protection.
  • We break down how to pick a money back charge card in our latest guide.

In our cash talk this week, we discussed they hybrid croissant/donut, among other delicious treats. Some individuals are scalping their cronuts, with one man even exchanging his in return for sexual favors! We like to know:

Weekly Wrap: Insanity in Early August!