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Google made a splash today at their I/O 2013 conference with the statement of Google Pocketbook’s services coming to Gmail.

  • Google Pocketbook being a part of Gmail will enable Google’s hundreds of millions of users access to the brand-new P2P service. Will it be the go-to P2P service to come?
  • Can homeownership really conserve you money? Since of reduced rates, some mortgage experts say that it may save you even more money in the long term than leasing.
  • We’d a talk with an associate editor at the Huffington Post about being an author and living in among the most pricey cities (New York City), and how he handles his money.
  • MyBankTracker writer and recent graduate Katherine discusses how students graduating with huge college debt are being required to postpone marriage, buying a house, and various other significant life turning points.
  • Savings rates are down for an additional successive month. Banks have lowered their rates substantially.
  • Thank you to all of our readers who participated in our Mom’s Day Contest! Do not forget to check out the winning feedback!
  • Did you ever before lose your debit card? See to it you report the loss right away, so you are not liable for fees, and check out what leading banks charge for replacing your debit card.

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Weekly Wrap: Google Wallet to Replace the P2P Game?