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There’s no rejecting that Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) is a trip de force in the markets. Since going public in June of 2010 for just $19 per share, the electrical automobile maker has gone straight up in a huge way. Considering that its IPO, TSLA has actually managed a crazy gain of almost 1225 % in roughly 3 1/2 years.

Given exactly how well the stock has actually done given that going public, investors may be a little weapon timid about pulling the trigger and straight including TSLA shares. Luckily, there’s a whole environment of suppliers that can be made use of to play TSLA’s momentum.

The Batteries

Tesla made history when it announced strategies to open a new world-class battery making center. The supposed “Gigafactory” will handle everything from processing raw lithium to final assembly of the little light-weight batteries for Tesla’s products. The plant should be operational by 2020 and have the ability to create more lithium-ion batteries in a single year than were produced worldwide in 2013. It will also cost a shocking $5 billion. Aside from spending for the job with a brand-new convertible bond, Tesla is intending on tapping its numerous present battery partners.

The biggest of these is Panasonic (OTCBB: PCRFY).

Already, Panasonic has worked together with Tesla on providing batteries for its electrical automobiles because 2011. That partnership was recently ratified and extended back in October. PCRFY will supply nearly 2 billion cells throughout 4 years. However Panasonic is not simply leaning on its laurels. The Japanese firm is already thinking about investing as much as $1 billion in the brand-new plant. That information alone sent out shares up 7 %.

As the partnership progresses, PCRFY might be among the best winners from Tesla’s continued momentum. Other winners might be lithium-ion battery manufacturers Hitachi (OTCBB: HTHIY) and NEC (OTCBB: NIPNF) as Panasonic has specified it’ll permit other Japanese firms to joint endeavor on the project. Hitachi already provides Tesla vacuum brake hoses for its vehicles.

Another vital element in the battery of TSLA’s automobiles is its chiller. This gadget regulates the battery’s temperature level and prevents it from overheating and losing its charge. Currently, Modine Manufacturing (NYSE: MOD) supplies Tesla with the product. While that’s still a little part of Modine’s general sales and item mix, as TSLA’s sales increase, it must help drive future revenues at the small-cap firm.

The Cars

While Tesla is as secretive as Apple when it pertains to providers for its vehicles, a couple of are known. Magna International (NYSE: MGA) is currently one of the largest parts suppliers for nearly every automobile on the roadway today consisting of some high tech functions as well as things like cup-holders and furniture. Magna offers similar functions on the Design S.

Tesla’s cars are just as much about performance as they’re about being green. Which indicates some pretty hefty performance parts. Italian firm Freni Brembo‘s (OTC: BRBOF) red disc brakes are a staple on lots of cars and high-end vehicles. Tesla’s Design S is no various and features Brembo’s quality and disc brake systems. With performance and GT variations of the brand-new vehicle models in the planning phases, the probabilities are pretty good that Tesla will tap Brembo for continued brake parts.

Considering that a lot of investors think of Tesla as the “next” Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), it’s not a surprise that the two companies could be working together. The Cupertino-based tech firm has recently announced strategies for its in-dash “CarPlay” system. Tesla verified it had spoken with AAPL, although Musk wouldn’t specifically say what the talks were about. While some have hypothesized that a buy-out could be in order, it most likely had to do with Tesla making use of Apple’s brand-new CarPlay system in its cars. If that’s true, it can be a nice profit boost for Apple.

The Bottom Line

Electric vehicle maker Tesla has actually been among the best doing stocks of the last couple of years. The company continues to rack-up sales for its cars. However, provided its insane stock efficiency, some investors might be getting a little bit nervous about its lofty share cost. Luckily, there are means to join TSLA’s growth without directly betting on its stock.