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Now that tax period is underway and you can submit your taxes, it’s necessary to be on the alert for tax refund scams. If you’re due a tax refund, according to Yahoo! Finance, you couldn’t get it if you do not act quickly.

How Tax Refund Fraud Works

With your name and Social Security number, a fraudster can obtain credit in your name. However, she or he can likewise get a tax refund that’s truly yours – and even claim a refund that you are not entitled to – triggering a snarl with the IRS.

It’s lovely basic and straightforward. The fraudster completes an income tax return using your name and Social Security number. She or he claims credits and reductions, enough to require a refund. Then, the return is submitted quickly and the documents processed. The scammer gets a check and afterwards disappears.

Meanwhile, you’re thoroughly collecting documents and preparing your own return. When you file your return, the IRS sends back a notification sharing that you’ve actually currently received a refund. If you owe taxes, however, this scenario can activate problems considering that the IRS has currently paid a refund.

Now, the trouble is on you to verify your identity, and show that you did not declare the refund. It’s a trouble, and it can take months to straighten out the mess.

According to the Yahoo! Finance tale, the IRS is boosting its efforts to recognize suspicious income tax return. Sadly, there’s not a lot you can do to fully protect your info in this age of data security breaches. The very best method to protect yourself and your refund is to beat the fraudsters to the punch by filing your own tax return as very early as you can.