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Over the last couple of years, the rise of social media – from blog sites to Twitter – has resulted in even more than one shooting. Most of the time, fired workers have stated something inappropriate or demeaning toward the employer by means of social media networks. A brand-new case, though, has lots of questioning if the basic act of using a Facebook Like in a way your employer does not approve of may end up getting you fired.

Likes are Protected Speech, However Could Still Get You Fired

Yahoo! Finance reports on the case of a sheriff’s deputy who was fired when he liked the project page of somebody running against his employer. While a federal appeals court has ruled that a Facebook Like is protected under the First Modification, the truth is that the First Modification is usually considereded shielding your speech from the government.

It doesn’t protect your right to say something that your company likes, and still retain your job. It looks as though Facebook Likes are about to fall into the category of things an employer can fire you over. Exactly what if an employer chooses that she or he does not such as the fact that you Like a competitor’s products? Exactly what takes place when your public Like of the Ku Klux Klan is found during an internet search? What if your liberal employer doesn’t approve of the reality that you Like the Republican politician Celebration?

While a variety of individuals on Facebook Like numerous things, and it would be hard to comb through every staff member’s history, it’s still a fascinating proposition. Exactly what if your employer sees that you “Like” among your friends’ comments – and she or he does not concur? It looks as however yet an additional potential issue