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What makes a job a good Do-it-yourself prospect? Low-risk, for one: making a collage is not really going to implode your roofing, and cutting up your old denim to make a quilt is not really going to result in a journey to the emergency clinic. (Unless of course you forget to take the pants off before starting …)

But some home jobs simply should not be attempted by anybody besides a professional. Don’t believe it? Simply see these insane Do It Yourself fails.

1. Beginning with the most obvious prospective no-no: demolition. If it includes knocking senseless support beams, call a specialist and stay clear of demolishing yourself.

2. If a tree falls on an ill-advised Do It Yourself job, does 911 hear it?

3. And for exhibition B that massive trees (especially those alongside your beautiful house) ought to be reduced by an expert:

4. Believe indoor construction is safe? Then have a look at the results of bad washroom design in possibly the scariest video yet.

5. What’s even worse, not having the ability to reach the bathroom tissue, or this uncomfortable home improvement fail?

6. Professionals are not the only pros you need to consider calling for home tasks. Furnishings movers can be a strong call too, simply ask the guy in this video, as quickly as he digs himself out …

7. And lastly, a fail for possibly the simplest task in house maintenance as a suggestion that anything can be high-risk when done carelessly. The number of dumb DIYers does it require to screw in a lightbulb anyway?