Black Frye Flats

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I hate how stereotypically girly this sounds, but I really like purchasing shoes.

Well, no – I do not like buying shoes. I like having shoes. I such as having cute shoes. OK, that’s not exactly the entire truth either – I such as having cute shoes that are reliable, comfy sufficient to invest a complete day walking in, and basic sufficient to last a number of years.

Why I First Bought Frye Boots

I purchased my first pair of Frye boots by accident, sort of. Before a trip to Italy, I was in the marketplace for a pair of boots that:

  • Could be dressed up or down
  • Would be comfortable on days when I was walking long distances
  • Would go with several outfits
  • Would last a long time

I wear a lot of black and gray, so when I saw the Frye Sunny Wedge Cuff boots in red for around $100 on, I purchased them.

And I was delighted with what I received.

What’s Great About Them

After five years of heavy clothes (and a resoling), my Frye boots are still comfy, still trendy (I get compliments frequently), and still in excellent condition. As you can see in the photo below, the leather is rather scuffy – but I think that a bargain of that’s due to individual error. I did not realize till extremely just recently that making use of shoe polish hadn’t been just for dads.

Red Frye Boots

All informed, I’ve 4 pairs of Fryes – 2 pairs of flats (the regular Carson ballet flat and the Carson ballet flat with a cut-out pattern, pictured in the primary image), my red boots, and a pair of brief brown lace-up boots. The business makes guys’s and children’s shoes also, although why you ‘d want to pay premium rates for shoes kids are going to outgrow is beyond me.

Sole Options

You’ll observe that my red boots now have a leather sole, but originally, they came with a rubber sole. Since I was residing in Philly at the time, where roads and pathways can be treacherous in the winter season, I enjoyed having a pair of stylish boots that also had excellent traction. My subsequent pairs have actually had leather soles, which are likewise of great quality (and ice is not as much of an issue now that I am living in sunny Southern California).

Frye Offers a Two-Year Warranty and a Repair work Center

One of things I like the most about Frye is that, in my experience, the cost comes more from making a quality, long-lasting product than from charging for a designer name. This is shown in their concentrate on shoe care. New pairs come with details on how to take care of your shoes, and Frye likewise provides a two-year warranty on new pairs sold from authorized merchants. Even if did not0 out of service warranty, you can send your shoes in to be fixed, at reasonable expense, by their service facility.

Core Styles

While Frye produces various seasonal options, they likewise have a core line of shoes, such as the University Boot. When I purchase something pricey, I always like knowing that I’ve the option to change it with the exact same thing when it breaks.

What Frye Shoes Compare To

Frye is the just upper-tier shoe company that I’ve actually attempted shoes from, so I can’t speak with comfort or resilience of their competitors. If you’re looking for an additional company that provides reconstruction services, however, Cole Haan is a choice – although those services are available at a greater price than from Frye. And naturally, you can constantly bring your shoes to an independent cobbler.

Who Frye Shoes Are Best For

If you want a pair of fundamental shoes that can last a number of years, Fryes are a great choice. However, if you prefer to keep your shoes in line with present trends, Frye may not be the very best company for you. Sure, they provide updated designs each year – however I would not advise spending that much cash on shoes did not0 not going to wear in a few months because trends alter. (Unless did not0 going to take impeccable care of them and resell them on eBay.)

Paige lace-up boots

How They Could Be Better

While both pairs of flats I’ve are quite comfy, I do want that their arch support was a little much better. Likewise, with one of the pairs of flats, the routine Carson ballet flat, the leather became more supple as I have worn them more. This suggests that the shoes are really comfy, however likewise that they have extended a bit and now occasionally flop off my feet.

Bottom Line Recommendation

If did not0 searching for a pair of classic shoes or boots that can be resoled and worn for a number of years, Frye is an excellent choice – especially if you buy them at a price cut. I discover that, even for durable, high-grade shoes, a few of the boots are too costly to validate buying if they are not on deep discount.

Where to Get Yours

There are numerous locations to get Frye boots and shoes, including brick-and-mortar shops, directly from the business, and on Amazon. However these are my favorite merchants for price cut Fryes:

  • Overstock

One thing I’ll discuss about 6pm. They are one of the very best places to find deals on Frye shoes, however they do not enable you to do exchanges. So if you buy a pair on sale, and they do not fit right, all you can do is return the shoes and order once again – and typically, by the time you’ve actually received your order, the sale is over. But 6pm. com does put Fryes on sale routinely – you could just need to wait a month or two. (And if you don’t want to inspect at 6pm. com routinely to see if Fryes are on sale, we include numerous 6pm Frye sales in our Daily Deals newsletter, subscribe!)

I ‘d also advise scanning thrift shops and yard sales for made use of Fryes. I understand a couple of individuals who’ve discovered vintage Frye boots, had them resoled, and worn them gladly for numerous years after.

What’re your favored boots or shoes?