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I am a vehicle individual. I enjoy every little thing about driving, and I am absolutely the person who delights in time spent behind the wheel– as long as I am not in gridlock web traffic!

About 6 months back, I caused a little an uproar in the Personal Finance blogging community when I blogged about my choice to purchase a brand-new BMW. While it’s certainly not the most economical choice when it pertains to vehicles, I can’t say there’s ever before been a time when I have begun that engine and driven away without a massive smile on my face.

Regardless of if you are a vehicle individual or not, there are a few things you should inform yourself about when it comes to taking care of your automobile. By maintaining your vehicle routinely, you can extend its life and guarantee you are behind the wheel of a safe, trustworthy automobile for a long time.

Fluids are Your Car’s Finest Friend

From power steering and windscreen washer fluid to antifreeze and oil, fluids are a crucial aspect for the smooth, normal operation of your auto. The very best part is that most of these can be changed and/or filled up without the help of a mechanic. Even much better is that you can rather quickly check all these levels to ensure you are not going to end up on the side of the road with the check engine light on and a costly repair bill in your future!

Mind the Filters

While an oil filter can be a bit challenging to set up, changing your air filter is an easy, 5-minute job that can save you hundreds on gas and maintenance expenses over the life of the filter. Some people advise changing the air filter with each oil change, which can be an excellent general rule.

However, if you take an extra 20 seconds to visually inspect the filter, you could find that it’s clean enough to be used with an additional round of oil changes. Bear in mind that the contemporary cars now being produced are made to compete a lot longer than the proverbial “3,000 mile” distance prior to needing a modification of oil or filters.

Take the DIY Approach

Perhaps the epitome of saving money on your automobile maintenance requires is discovering how to DIY the repair works and numerous upkeep products. This includes everything from oil modifications and filter replacement to exchanging your windscreen wipers for brand-new ones and changing burnt out light bulbs in your fronts lights.

Some excellent resources where you can find out the best ways to do these things include your owners’ guide, YouTube, WikiHow,, and a myriad of car forums and message boards.

How do you save on auto upkeep?

  • Mike E

    I would like to add self maintenance of battery, because you can maintain your battery at home. Cleaning it up is not a big deal. I charge my battery at home and this let me never face the low battery running problem.

    • Great tip. Thanks for commenting

  • I agree. I think it’s always important to check your fluids at all times. Many automotive owners avoid this out of laziness but the truth is, it’s vital to keeping your maintenance expenses down. You should almost always keep an eye on your battery as well.