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Last weekend I saw Wall Road: Cash Never Sleeps and thought it was a quite entertaining motion picture. It’s a sequel to the 1987 motion picture Wall Street and gets when Gordon Gekko is launched from prison. I will not go into detail about the movie’s plot, but Gekko absolutely likes money and is not really scared to sacrifice practically every little thing for it.

I was taken back by one line that Gekko had in the film: “Time is the best property you have.” If you see the film, you’ll see that Gekko is not really an incredibly delicate man and for him to recognize that time is the best possession you’ve on this earth, it makes you step back and consider things that really matter.

I love speaking, thinking, producing, and building companies that prosper financially. Cash is a terrific device to advance jobs and to support causes in life. However once we generate cash our primary focus in life, that’s when problems can occur. The difficult part is that the problems come slowly and the important conditions get pushed back gradually. Few businessmen make a decision in just one day to make their work a concern over their family, but the little options made everyday can bring about that extremely result– even if they think their priorities are still directly.

Allocating time to the highest priorities in your life takes a concentrated effort. It’s easy to unintentionally let vital things like faith, family, and relationships slip by while you are attention is focused on conditions like work and becoming financially protected.

I think this verse is a fantastic pointer of how we should prioritize our time.

So don’t worry, saying, ‘What’ll we consume?’ or ‘Exactly what’ll we consume?’ or ‘Exactly what’ll we wear?’ For the pagans all these things, and your heavenly Father understands that you require them. But look for first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be provided you too.– Matthew 6:31– 33 NIV

It’s vital to comprehend that these verses are not informing us to forget work completely and to focus every minute of our day on spreading out the Gospel. We were produced to work and according to Col. 3:23 we’re to work at every little thing with all our heart as working for the Lord. This verse is merely about priorities. It states seek his kingdom “initially.” It depends on us to focus on the “2nd” and “3rd” condition we do– but I am confident that we’ve a better chance of prioritizing these conditions in our life if we begin with seeking His kingdom first.

We are all offered 24 hours each day– no even more no less. Our time never ever increases, making it the most priceless possession we have. So take a couple of mins today and think of exactly what you have been putting first. Is it his kingdom? If not, when was the last time you really evaluated how you were investing your time?