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If you are feeling pleased with your company’s 401(k) plan, it may be time to reevaluate, as brand-new study suggests that the quality of retirement plans varies extremely from company to company.

According to CNN Money, which reported on brand-new information from Brightscope, a company that researches and places 401(k)s, there are substantial distinctions between the employer-sponsored plans that American corporations offer their employees. In reality, certain industries became leaders in terms of 401(k) quality: law firms, tech companies and airlines all appear offer plans that are generally remarkable to those provided by companies in various other fields. Specifically, Google, Southwest Airlines, and IBM were found to offer exceptional 401(k)s.

A “excellent” 401(k) was judged to as a strategy that provides a broad range of investment options with low charges and a sufficient employer match. Provided these information, it’s no surprise that some of America’s the majority of lucrative business are providing their staff members outstanding retirement benefits. Not just is this a function of these companies’ financial resources– after all, it’s costly to provide a good 401(k)– it likewise demonstrates that U.S. companies are still utilizing retirement as a method to bring in and maintain great employees.

Of course, not all American industries have the ability to provide such robust 401(k)s to their workers. In general, Brightscope found that the retirement plans provided by retail and food service companies were some of least generous, many carried high charges and had really low participation rates. Obviously, it’s likewise possible that employees in these industries aren’t able to add to 401(k)s, regardless of the quality of the plan, due to the fact that of the reduced earnings common in these fields, as well as the reality that many work with a part-time basis. Most companies need workers to be full-time in order to contribute to the employer-sponsored retirement plan.

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