Lily Safra

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Billions of dollars really do expand on trees– a minimum of for the handful of Forbes’ 2013 Billionaires who did not have to work for their ten-figure checking account.

Of more than 1,400 billionaires noted, Forbes detailed ‘received’ as the livelihood for just a handful.

Though we make certain there are various other billionaires whose wealth visited way of inheritance (Sam Walton’s billionaire beneficiaries, for one), we’re highlighting the ones Forbes particularly calls out.

We have taken a closer look at exactly how they found their way to riches.

1. Lily Safra

Forbes ranking: #1175
Net Worth: $1.2 billion
Age: 75
Country: Monaco

Lily Safra, 75, owes her wealth to her late husband, billionaire lender Edmond Safra, who perished in a 1999 apartment fire, according to Forbes.

The well-heeled widow is the 3rd most affluent person in her native Monaco.

Charitable giving: Safra made headlines in 2012 when she auctioned off a 70-piece collection of precious jewelry to benefit virtually three lots charities. The great deal cost an astonishing $38 million.

2. Elaine Marshall and Family

Forbes ranking: #145
Net Worth: $8 billion
Age: 70
Country: U.S.

The 48th wealthiest woman in the U.S., Elaine Marshall received her billions from her late husband, J. Pierce Marshall in the form of a 14.6 percent stake in Koch Industries. The comical thing is nobody knew about her fortune till Bloomberg named her the Fourth richest lady in the UNITED STATE in 2012.

Fun fact: She’s the daughter-in-law of Anna Nicole Smith, who was wed to Elaine’s late father.

3. Jorn Rausing

Forbes ranking: #233
Net Worth: $5.2 billion
Age: 53
Country: Sweden

Swedish billionaire Jorn Rausing may have inherited his $5.2 billion fortune from his late mom, Birgit, however he has not made use of that as an excuse to escape the working world. Rausing sits on the board of Tetra Laval, the company his grandpa founded that’s liable for the Tetra Pak– the special boxes made use of to keep milk and juices without refrigeration, according to Forbes.

Fun fact: A strategy to kidnap Jorn by pro-Palestinian terrorists was obstructed in 1989.

4. Finn Rausing

Forbes ranking: #239
Net Worth: $5.1 billion
Age: 58
Country: Sweden

Along with more youthful brother Jorn, Finn Rausing sits on the board of Tetra Pak-maker Tetra Laval. He’s the fifth richest individual in Sweden, behind Jorn, who’s the 4th.

5. Eduardo Hochschild

Forbes ranking: #704
Net Worth: $2.1 billion
Age: 49
Country: Peru

Peru’s fourth richest guy, Eduardo Hochschild owed his wealth to his fantastic uncle, who established hte hugely successful Peruvian gold and silver mining company in 1911, according to forbes. Hochschild researched science in the U.S. at Tufts College and first signed up with Hochschild Mining in 1987 as a safety assistant.

Like an additional billionaire successor, Jorn Rausing, Hochschild made it through a kidnapping. A gunman eliminated his dad and Hochschild was held restricted for 6 days before his release.

6. Yoshiko Mori

Forbes ranking: #1342
Net Worth: $1 billion
Age: 72
Country: Japan

When Minoru Mori, among Japan’s many powerful real estate moguls, died last year, his spouse, Yoshiko, took over the household fortune. She’s now ranked the 20th richest individual in Japan.

According to Forbes, her late husband was most understood for building China’s tallest structure, the Shanghai World Financial Center.