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If you are an owner, you have certainly thought about just how much it costs to purchase a vehicle. Possibly you have lusted after a $500,000 Lamborghini, while knowing you can just pay for a $20,000 Honda Civic. And you’ve actually probably considered the expense of purchasing a car when you have developed your household’s spending plan.

But have you ever asked yourself the amount of it costs to own an automobile? Costs of ownership include products like gas, registration fees, insurance coverage, maintenance, and depreciation. When you consider how the cost of those items varies extensively, it’s not a surprise that the cost of ownership varies widely depending on the car.

In general, smaller sized vehicles not just cost less to purchase (which lead to lower funding expenses), they also cost less to own. They’re typically more fuel efficient (so you save on gas), and less costly to keep. They even diminish less than bigger cars. So overall, smaller vehicles have a smaller sized influence on your finances. That’s something to take into account when you’re choosing an automobile to purchase.

AAA carries out a yearly ‘Your Driving Expenses’ study. Results launched in April 2013 concluded that the typical sedan costs $9,122 to have and operate each year, a minivan costs $9,795 to possess and operate, and an SUV with 4 wheel drive costs $11,599. Obviously, your specific expenses will differ relying on the certain vehicle you drive and the number of miles you apply it each year.

You can lower your vehicle ownership expenses by buying a late-model used vehicle, which will lower the quantity of depreciation, and following standard maintenance guidelines and driving securely, which will help keep repair expenses to a minimum. Selecting a fuel effective vehicle may lower the cost of gas, but keep in mind that some fuel reliable cars like hybrids can cost even more upfront.

If you wish to calculate the cost of owning a vehicle prior to you buy one, you can acquire a copy of AAA’s ‘Your Driving Costs’ brochure at your neighborhood AAA branch, or make use of the ‘Real Cost to Own’ calculator at or comparable calculators at other sites.