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Last week several information outlets reported on language in a letter sent by a significant charge card issuer to it’s consumers.

That letter recommended that the card issuer could call their debtors at any time in any manner they select. The examples listed included phone calls, emails, text messages as well as individual visits.

As you can envision the thoughts of your lender showing up at your door throughout dinnertime has lots of customers and consumer proponents up in arms.

The possibility of strong-armed and frightening collectors requesting loan payments, in person instead of over a phone or in a letter, seems to be quite offensive to some.

Here are my thoughts on this concerns, sort of a benefits and drawbacks of the possibilities of loan providers showing up at your door.

New News is Actually Old News

First, this is hardly the first lender to state they might appear in your personal space in order to gather debts or recover their property.

What occurs when you do not make your car payments? What happens when you don’t make your home loan payments?

What takes place when you don’t make your bike, boat, or RV payments?

In every single situation the lender concerns your home, place of work, or anywhere they can discover you and takes back their property.

It may have various names (repossession, repossession) but it’s still a loan provider leaving the comfort of their physical branch network into “your” world in order to reclaim their home.

And yes, it’s in truth their home that you are using or in which you are living.

The Grass Is not Greener

From a public relations point of view this might’ve caused a little a mess, sending letters to customers letting them understand they could make individual visits.

And some people believe the company will lose consumers due to the fact that of this. I don’t concur that there’s going to be a prevalent migration somewhere else due to the fact that of the letter.

This certain card issuer has top tens of millions of cardholders and most of them pay their costs on time.

As such, those clients will never ever have the pleasure of satisfying the lender’s rep on their front porch.

They are not going anywhere and they’re most likely like me, completely great with a lender gathering money they are truly due.

However, if a few of their customers believe that they’ve actually gone too far and want to take their business somewhere else, so be it.

But let me caution you … the grass is not greener on the other side.

If you miss payments or default on loans with ANY other lender they are going to come reclaim their loan “security” (a fancy word for the property that’s being borrowed against, like an automobile or some various other physical possession).

Of course there’s an extremely simple way to prevent ever seeing any of your lender’s reps in your personal time, pay your costs on time!

Lenders do not show up at your residence extorting you out of money you don’t actually owe.

This type of in person collection activity is booked for deadbeats who don’t pay their bills, do not reply to collection telephone call, and do not respond to collection letters.

This Might Actually Be a Great Thing

If this whole problem of lenders appearing at your house or location or work has you all turned up with anger, let me explain why you ought to in fact be delighted about this.

Lenders subsidize their losses from deadbeats who do not pay their costs by charging us that DO pay our bills higher rates and costs.

So, when somebody decides to not pay their bill and takes a loan provider for hundreds or countless dollars, which comes out of your pocket in some kind or fashion.

I’d much rather do business with a loan provider who gathers straight from problem customers as opposed to charging me even more to subsidize their loss.