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If you have ever seen gambling movies like ‘Rounders’ or ’21″ – inspired by the real tale of six M.I.T. pupils who earned millions counting cards in Blackjack, you are familiar with Hollywood’s representation of the highs and lows that happen as an outcome of playing this dangerous game.

Beyond Hollywood’s mainly glamorous imitation of this way of living, have you ever questioned exactly what it’s truly like for someone to invest their days traveling in and out of gambling establishments, uncertain of when they’ll get their next ‘paycheck’?

What threats are associateded with pursuing this kind of way of living? How does a poker player take care of individual finances and how’s it handled when earnings is so unsteady and sporadic?

This week’s MyBankTracker interview is with a previous expert poker player, who was involved in this high-stakes game for virtually two decades.

For the sake of privacy, we refer to this individual as ‘Poker Face.’

MBT: Tell us about yourself and how you initially started betting.

PF: I’ve actually played poker for the last 19 years, but most likely just started making it even more of a major occupation in the last 10 years. I initially began playing a type of poker or wagered in very little stakes when I was in 9th grade.

MBT: The 9th grade ?! How long did it take you to master the game and just how much is based upon luck and method?

PF: Mastering the game of poker is relative. If you are contented with your abilities and unwilling to continue discovering and improving your game, you’ll never genuinely understand it. In the long run, the game is almost 90 % ability and 10 % luck, but in the brief run, anything can happen, and luck plays a majority of the game.

MBT: When did it become a routine livelihood for you?

PF: Throughout the first year of my professional poker occupation, I struggled to break even and had problem managing my finances (AKA ‘bankroll’ in poker terms). My 2nd year was my first year where I was able to regularly win month after month.

MBT: It sounds like playing cards was rather of a steady earnings for you. For many years, did you ever consider searching for a ‘genuine’ task?

PF: I’ve constantly thought about looking for a ‘real’ task outside of wagering, however mostly due to the fact that of the preconception connecteded to the profession. I grew up in a conservative, Christian background, where education, family, and area were concerns of my training.

My occupation as an expert poker player has actually been a consistent mental struggle within myself (not wanting to disappoint my family). I opened to my moms and dads about playing poker in 1998, and they told me it was not an acceptable selection in careers.

For the next three years, I worked in realty to help mask my true career from my moms and dads. Although I have had an effective occupation playing poker, I am currently pursuing real estate as soon as again, to begin something brand-new, in addition to make to peace with myself and my family.

MBT: The number of times were you flat broke over the course of your gambling career?

PF: During my 19-year occupation, I was flat broke 3 times (mainly due to bad money management).

MBT: If you lost a large quantity of money, how were you able to pay for rent and expenses?

PF: I’ve actually had assistance from pals several times, however after finding out some hard lessons of money management throughout my profession, I’ve found out to keep money aside for those ‘rainy days.”

MBT: Glad you have found out to reserve an emergency fund. Naturally we’ve to ask: exactly what was your biggest splurge/purchase after a large gain?

PF: I’ve actually never made any single big investments, however spending over $30,000 in the course of a month on leisure (dining establishments, bars, shopping, golf, and so on) wasn’t out of the ordinary.

MBT: Sounds like you’ve actually had some impressive runs! Have you handled to invest any of your payouts?

PF: The only investment I made were with REITs (realty investment trusts), and sadly I lost a great deal of cash offering loans to other professional poker players that went broke.

MBT: Can you share how much you have made (usually) in one year?

PF: Within a provided year, I’ve actually made anywhere in between $30,000 to $300,000. The swings may allow within this industry, but the secret to excellence is finance, and emotional stability.

MBT: Do you’ve any cash suggestions for someone who wishes to enter this industry?

PF: My initial recommendations would be to choose another profession! I have been lucky enough to have an effective career in poker, but I am suspecting that less than 5 % make a living doing this, and probably less than 10 % of those make a decent living.

For anyone significant in becoming an expert poker player, my advice is to:

  • MONEY MANAGEMENT (play only within your ways, and increase limitations in progression): For any profession, you need the devices for your trade. As an expert poker player, your money money are your devices. Without your tools (cash), you can not work!
  • Surround yourself with various other smart, truthful, effective players.
  • Continue to enhance your game, and asking the advice of your respected peers.
  • Play longer sessions when you’re succeeding and shorter sessions when you’re losing. One of the biggest errors as an expert, is losing huge and succeeding small. The majority of individuals, for some reason, cannot seem to leave the table when they’re losing, and when they’re playing less than optimally, they play their longest sessions.