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The development of Exchange Traded Funds has been unstoppable.

In a note Friday, Goldman’s Robert Boroujerdi pointed out that ETF possessions under management amounted to $230 billion One Decade ago in the US.

Today, it stands at over $2 trillion.

ETFs trade like stocks yet track a basket of protections, tracking stock indexes, or certain assets or stocks in a certain country or region.

Here’s Goldman:

The rise of ETFs continues to be unabated. Increasing institutional use paired doing an already solid retail uptake is forcing investors of all kinds to a lot better understand the duty of ETFs in today’s market. Ignorance is no much longer bliss as single stock supervisors learn how to manage the effect of ETFs on property gathering, portfolio building as well as stock selection.

Boroujerdi further notes that energetic managers, that ordinarily are much more picky about just what is in their profiles, are in reality some of the biggest individuals of ETFs.

‘Unexpected to lots of is the reality that active managers are between the biggest individuals of ETFs doing applications reaching hedging, money management as well as accomplishing ‘immediate’ direct exposure to sectors or locations in which they are skinny or lack competence. Lastly the current round of M+A is galvanizing many to prevent single stock ‘blow-ups’ on the short side.’

Here’s the impressive surge of ETFs. Screen Shot 2015 04 13 at 7.46.04 AM, Credit Card Debt