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For lots of consumers, travel stands for such a typical and major cost that charge card business market certain credit cards to catch this consumer team. Presently, 2 of the most competitive credit cards, the Capital One Venture Benefits and Barclaycard Arrival cards, should be on the top of the list for frequent tourists who wish to make sufficient incentives on their travel spending. We compared the two to help you decide which is ideal for you.

The Capital One Venture Benefits and Barclaycard Arrival cards are really comparable in numerous regards. Both of them have an annual cost that will manage you an above-average incentives program, which is free of classifications and tiers. They likewise make it extremely simple to redeem your hard-earned miles. But, their little distinctions will sway your selection in between the two.

Capital One Venture Rewards

Heavily advertised on television with regular looks from Alec Baldwin and hoards of vikings, the Capital One Endeavor Rewards card is an attractive choice since cardholders make 2 miles on every dollar invested on anything. And, the miles can be redeemed for statement credit on travel. It suggests you can still shop for the most affordable travel offers and remove the expense of the purchases with your miles. Every mile amounts $0.01 when redeemed for travel.

A common airline card will require you to utilize the miles through their frequent flier program on the airline’s air travels, which couldn’t offer the very best value when you break down the numbers.

Capital One Endeavor Rewards cardmembers can likewise redeem their miles for cash, gift cards, brand-name merchandise, credit for previous non-travel investments and even more. Nevertheless, the rates for redemption may differ.

The card has a $59 yearly charge and does not charge foreign deal costs.

Barclaycard Arrival

The Barclaycard Arrival card was presented as a direct competitor to the Capital One Venture Benefits card. It also permits cardmembers to make 2 miles per dollar on all spending and miles can be redeemed for statement credit. However, the Arrival card just allows miles redemption on travel acquisitions. Every mile can be redeemed for $0.01.

The upside to the Arrival card is that you receive 10 percent of your miles back when you redeem for travel. For instance, if you redeemed 25,000 miles for a $250 travel investment, you’ll get 2,500 miles back.

The card has an $89 annual fee and doesn’t charge foreign transaction charges.

Making the decision

The primary factors to consider when choosing in between the Capital One Endeavor Incentives and Barclaycard Arrival cards is the worth of the annual charge.

You may think that because the Arrival card costs $30 more each year, the Venture Incentives card is the better path. However, if you take into account the miles redemption incentive, you may think otherwise.

Take a look at this table:

Card Annual Fee Annual Spend Miles Earned Redemption Value
Capital One Venture Rewards $59 $15,000 30,000 $300
Barclaycard Arrival $89 $15,000 30,000 $300 + 3,000 miles (= $30)

When you redeem 30,000 miles, you would’ve acquired a 3,000-mile redemption perk, which is equivalent to the $30 difference in the 2 cards’ annual charges. This suggests that the Barclaycard Arrival card is much better if you invest more than $15,000 on a credit card. If you spend less than that, the Capital One Endeavor Benefits card brings better value.