The 5 Best Panini Presses

April 28, 2014
panini sandwich

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A panini press, likewise referred to as a sandwich maker or sandwich press, can assist you make a scrumptious meal that appears like it came directly from a dining establishment. Panini is an Italian word meaning grilled sandwich, and these sandwiches can have a variety of ingredients, from sweet to savory. Nowadays, panini makers have a multitude of features that allow you to utilize them to prepare everything from vegetables to pork chops. With numerous options to pick from, we below at Wise Bread chose to take the guesswork out of purchasing a panini press by narrowing it down to the top five.

What Is a Panini Press?

A panini press makes use of two heated plates to put pressure on the bread of a sandwich as it cooks. The sandwich comes out pushed and toasted. Home plates are normally made of glass-ceramic, cast iron, or teflon-coated product. The majority of modern panini presses have setups to also grill meats and veggies.

Best 5 Panini Presses

Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press

The Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press is very simple to make use of. It includes ‘Power On’ and ‘Prepared to Cook’ sign lights that makes sure anybody can operate it without having to review the guidelines. It isn’t equipped with a temperature control, which takes the uncertainty from making a sandwich but may not be as preferable to cooks who desire a little even more control.

The upper and lower grill plates measure 11×7 inches and are non-removable. In spite of that truth, numerous reviewers found its nonstick surface simple to clean. Just wait till it cools down, and then wipe with a damp fabric. It also comes with an inbuilt cleaning tool to assist with the messier jobs.

The real selling point of this panini press is the reality that it’s a floating hinge, which can adjust to deal with additional thick sandwiches. The size of this home appliance allows it to accommodate approximately two sandwiches at a time. The light brushed stainless steel real estate creates an appealing design. It also has a drip spout to drain away grease for the wellness mindful individuals out there.

The Cuisinart GR-1 includes a three-year restricted guarantee, guidelines, a cleaning tool and recipes.

Current Price: $49.95 at Amazon

Breville Panini Press and Grill

The sloped front to Breville Panini Press and Grill along with the included tilt function make it a perfect choice for healthy grilling. Readjusting the tilt of the grates permits fat to more easily drain into the drip tray. You likewise have the choice of laying the grates flat to seal in wetness and make for juicier meats.

The nonstick cast-aluminum plates heat up rapidly, with one customer claiming that you’ve a completely prepared steak in simply 4 minutes. There are no temperature level markers on this grill. Rather, there’s a modifiable scale that ranges from ‘sandwich’ to ‘sear.’ This makes it easy to use, however chefs who like to know exact temperatures may be irritated.

The Breville Panini Press and Grill has a modifiable height function which enables you to place the leading plate higher for thicker sandwiches. You can also float the top plate above the food if you are making an open faced sandwich or a burger that you don’t want to be too squished. Another enticing attribute is the securing cover, makings it easy to select the grill up by its manage for simple transport.

The dealt with plates on this grill make clean up slightly more difficult than grills with removable plates, however the nonstick surface is simple enough to simply clean down with a damp fabric.

Current Price: $119.99 at Amazon

VillaWare NDVLPAPFS1-SHP Panini Grill

While this brand name mightn’t be as well known as the others, this VillaWare Panini Grill includes many attractive attributes. The big 11×9 inch barbecuing plates included several heat settings, and the dial allows you to set the temperature of your foods for additional control in the kitchen area. The plates are nonstick and detachable along with dishwasher safe, makings them very easy to clean.

You can utilize this grill in the open position to prepare meats and vegetables, or in the classic closed position for paninis and sandwiches. A modifiable hinged cover enables the food preparation of additional thick sandwiches and the sloped grilling plates drain fat into the drip tray for healthier grilling. You can likewise lay the plates flat if you like your meat extra juicy.

Reviewers discovered this grill extremely simple to make use of due to the one button with basic to comprehend sign lights. The one unfavorable seems to be a power cord that’s on the smaller side, meaning you may be limited in where you can place this item in your kitchen.

Current Price: $59.95 at Amazon

Cuisinart Griddler GR-4N

The Cuisinart Griddler GR-4N is very versatile. It can be utilized in the open position as a routine grill, the shut position as a standard panini maker, and, due to the reversible plates, can even be made use of as a griddle for making pancakes and eggs. The modifiable hinge accommodates extra thick sandwiches, and customers state the food preparation surface warms food uniformly. The barbecuing surface area is likewise big enough to cook four burger patties at the same time.

The easy to remove, dishwasher safe grill plates suggest that clean up is incredibly simple. Home plates snap out easily with a press of the plate release button. It’s an incorporated drip trap, which is likewise dishwasher safe.

Two temperature level controls and a function selector indicate it may not be as simple to make use of as some of the other grills on this list, however it offers the fussy chef a great deal of food preparation and heating options.

This grill comes with a 3-year limited guarantee, cleaning tool, and dishes.

Current Price: $99.95 at Amazon

Hamilton Beach 25450 Fine Panini Press

The least expensive choice on this list, the Hamilton Beach 25450 Panini Press offers couple of frills but finishes the job effectively. The adjustable, drifting cover locks in location to accommodate anything from the thinnest meats to the thickest sandwiches. This securing function also gives you the choice to hover the top lid over the food for open faced sandwiches or hamburgers.

The plates are non-removable, making clean up a little harder, but the nonstick coated surface are simple to wipe down when the system has cooled. It includes power and preheat lights and doesn’t offer certain temperature control options.

If you’re looking for a basic, user friendly panini press at a great cost, this is the option for you. Experienced home chefs looking for bunches of buttons and cooking options may want to stick with among the more expensive grills on this list.

This grill includes a 2-year limited service warranty.

Current Price: $33.99 at Amazon