The 5 Best LED Monitors

June 15, 2014

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In the past, we’ve actually covered keyboards and mice, accessories that allow you to input and be efficient on computers. This time around, we’ll be covering an additional crucial component of the standard computer system: the monitor. Rather of directly enabling us to input information into a computer, monitors offer us the capability to see what we’re doing and interact with the computer system’s graphical individual interface.

What Is an LED Monitor?

A error that’s frequently made is to think that LED and LCD computer system displays are made from two different types of products. In truth, LED monitors are a certain sort of LCD monitor that make use of light-emitting diodes to act as the backlight to the liquid crystal display rather than cold cathode fluorescent tubes utilized by many LCD screens. LEDs provide truer color quality, need less power and are simpler on the eyes than most LCDs, making them the monitor-type of choice for a lot of individuals.

The Best 5 LED Monitors

HP Envy 27

Highly suggested by Consumer Reports, the 27-inch HP Envy display is admired for its high image quality, large viewing angles, and 1920×1080 resolution. Built-in speakers by Beats Audio also supply quality sound for you to enjoy your entertainment. Lastly, for a screen of this size, the price tag is not unreasonable either. Currently $384.12 on Amazon.

Samsung S23C350H

This 23-inch monitor from Samsung is well-reviewed by individuals who praise its color, image quality, and resolution. On top of its performance, its high Energy Star score means that it utilizes less energy overall, conserving you much more than its reduced rate tag. Finally, its minimalist design and ease-of-use were also favorites among users. Currently $189.99 on Amazon.

Viewsonic VG2236WM-LED

Another advised display from Customer Reports, this 22-inch Viewsonic performs well with good photo quality and versatility. It’s remarkably ergonomic, with height adjustability along with the ability to swivel, turn and rotate. Users agree that images are clear and crisp which colors are vibrant. Currently $479.59 on the Amazon Marketplace.

Asus PA249Q

Among one of the best displays checked at Consumer Reports, this 24-inch Asus LED screen is a solid employee. With incredibly high color precision and protection, this display delivers wonderful image quality as well as an exceptionally high seeing angle of 178 degrees. Additional features consist of 3 USB ports, in addition to ruler ticks around the bezel, makings for a good tool for graphic artists. Currently $467.99 on Amazon.

Asus VS247H-P

Our list for finest LED displays is completed by this 23.6-inch Asus monitor. Individuals concur that this screen does excellent at an exceptionally sensible rate. Image quality is high and colors come out clear and vivid on this LED screen. Its 2ms feedback time implies that movement will not be blurred when shown on the display and users appreciate its matte, in contrast to shiny, finish. Currently $149.99 on Amazon.