The 5 Best Food Choppers

June 18, 2014
diced vegetables

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In a previous post, we covered the very best offered food processors to add to your list of kitchen area appliances. But for folks who don’t always need the functionality of a full-fledged food mill, a smaller sized food chopper could be the best alternative. Aside from still being able to deal with a number of jobs, they’re likewise less costly than their larger brethren. Below, we’ve a list of the leading 5 food choppers for you to pick from.

What Is a Food Chopper?

Like a food mill, food choppers are kitchen home appliances that chop, mince, and dice food. While they’re smaller sized and less flexible than food mill, they can still manage a number of tasks, in particular handling the often tiresome chore of dicing and mincing. If that’s the level of your food processing demands, then a chopper is most likely a better option for you than a full-sized food mill.

Best 5 Food Choppers

Ninja Master Preparation Specialist QB1004

This 2½-cup chopper is the highest ranked food chopper on Customer Reports. Professional tests verify that the Ninja Master Preparation Specialist is terrific at slicing, grating, and even pureeing. On top of these functions, it also comes with a blender. Individuals report that it makes wonderful smoothie mixes, adeptly blending ice and frozen fruit together. Lastly, users praise its general ease-of-use, numerous mentioned it was easy to clean and assemble. Currently $59.99 on Amazon.

Proctor Silex 72500RY 1-1/2-Cup Chopper

This 1½-cup food chopper from Proctor Silex is highly well-reviewed by individuals. This compact device is perfect for slicing up smaller sized quantities of food and makes quick work of veggies, fruits, herbs, cheese, and more. The chopper’s pulse function supplies simple control over your slicing. Lastly, individuals enjoy exactly how simple it’s to utilize and clean. Currently $13.72 on Amazon.

Black and Decker EHC650B Ergo 3-Cup Chopper

A convenient chopper from Black and Decker, this unit features a 3-cup carrying ability that enables you to manage any chopping task. The chopper has an ergonomic handle and a high and low pulse speed control. Additional functions consist of a safety locking lid, in addition to a container lid so that you can keep your food right in the cup. Users concur that its chopping performance is terrific and it’s quick and simple to use. Currently $17.99 on Amazon.

Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus DLC-2A

This 3-cup Mini Preparation Plus from Cuisinart is another suggested choice from Consumer Reports. Professional tests have actually determined that it’s really proficient at slicing various foods, from veggies to nuts to tough cheeses. Users concur that this is a great chopper for doing smaller sized slicing tasks. This Cuisinart is run with an extremely easy two-button control scheme, and its parts are machine-washable for easy cleaning. Currently $39.00 on Amazon.

Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Chopper

The VeggiChop from Chef’n complete our list of best choppers. Individuals commend its slicing efficiency, specifying that it tackles practically any chopping task with ease and without using power. Its 3.8-cup carrying capability implies you can quickly whip up a huge bowl of guacamole or salsa. Currently $19.72 on Amazon.