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You are on top of all your debt repayments, you do not hold a huge balance on your charge card, and you always pay your costs on time – your credit rating is gold, right?

What about the time you went in to see a doctor for that sinus infection? Or that ticket you got from the meter maid when you parked in a limited zone? How about that cellular phone line you closed a couple of years ago?

You probably understand exactly how on-time payments, a good debt-to-credit ratio, and appropriate debt management can positively enhance your credit. But there are also a few uncommon, unexpected things that can affect and even damage your credit score:

  • Your unpaid parking ticket. An overdue parking ticket is much like any other bill. If you don’t pay it, you’ll likely receive a warning and be charged late fees until it’s paid. If you remain to disregard your bill, it’ll likely be turned over to a debt collection agency – and a costs listed as an unpaid collection can have a nasty impact on your credit rating. If you got a collection notice in the mail or you discovered an unpaid costs under the “derogatory marks” on your credit report, attempt to settle that expense as rapidly as possible. If you think it was an error or you already paid that bill, you might wish to considering contacting the collectors to contest the mark.
  • That medical bill you forgot about. It’s often simple to forget that insurance coverage does not cover everything. A trip to the doctor or dental professional (or a more pricey journey to the emergency room) might mean you owe some cash, your wellness or dental insurance policy couldn’t have actually covered the entire expense of your treatment. If you received a letter or expense in the mail from a physician, do not just assume it was scrap. Be sure to open up any statements from your clinical service providers so you know any impressive balance. If you are not sure if you owe them money, call your physician or dentist. It’s better to be safe than sorry, just like an unsettled parking ticket, an overdue clinical expense could be sent out to collections and harm your credit score.
  • Your ‘closed’ mobile phone account. Whether it’s a cellular phone or a charge card account with an outstanding balance, if you are closing any type of account, be sure to make sure it really ends up closed. A mobile phone company or various other company can easily assert to have actually closed your account then forget to dot all their i’s and cross their t’s. Given that even cell phone carriers are prone to errors, it’s very important to guarantee that they do their job which your account is entirely closed after a couple of months. The company can be charging you for an account that’s still open in your name without you recognizing it. And if you are being billed without knowing it, you are probably not paying your costs either – and any outstanding costs can wind up at a debt collection agency.