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Today’s Smart Investor pointer comes from Investopedia, which highlights five easy ways to inform an amateur investor from the real offer.

Here’s one thing you’ll never catch a brilliant investor stating:

‘My investments are well-diversified since I possess a stock fund that tracks the S&P 500.”

The misconception here is that by purchasing an assorted stack of stocks (even through a stock fund) makes your portfolio branched out and, therefore, minimizes danger.


It takes a well-balanced variety of investment automobiles to obtain a genuinely varied portfolio. That means mixing up those stocks with possessions like bonds, treasuries, exchange traded funds, money market funds, worldwide stock mutual funds, real estate and, yes, some money.

The bottom line:

Settling on which types of assets you are willing to purchase is the basic part. The question you (and ideally a helpful advisor) must respond to firstly– which will dictate how much you choose to invest in which automobiles gradually– is your tolerance for risk.