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We all understand that it’s necessary to instruct our kids about money. However, teaching them about cash mightn’t be the way to go. In reality, recommends Stephanie Eidelman at Forbes, possibly you should start teaching your children about credit when they’re as young as 6 or 7.

The reason children should start discovering about credit early on? Credit’s the reason that many people are in trouble. Eidelman quotes the Customer Financial Protection Bureau statistic that about 30 million individuals owe money collection in some kind.

So, while it’s terrific that kids are discovering about money, it’s not really functional in today’s plastic-driven world. While it’s good, in theory, to think that learning about how money works will equate into much better monetary habits, the numbers state this is not really the case.

Instead of attempting to avoid the problem of credit, it may be better to broach it with your children, and talk about how it in fact works. Eidelman taught her son that she’s “a plan with the credit card business that I’ll pay them at the end of each month.”

At the very least, kids ought to start finding out that use of the credit card does not constitute them utilizing “their” cash. And these concepts can be given lesson on to younger children. Like Eidelman, I have had comparable discussions with my son. He’s 10, and I have done my finest to show him that charge card are loans, which they need to be managed responsibly.

Your kids don’t see you paying with cash, they most likely see you paying with plastic. And the sooner you can begin teaching them how that works, the much better off they could possibly be financially.

What do you think? When should kids start finding out about accountable credit use?