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From a Bluetooth tool surgically dental implanted right into your ear to a massive generator that creates ‘typhoons’ that create power and also gold, the investors on ‘Shark Container’ have heard some weird pitches over the past 6 seasons.

At the end of the recently broadcast 100th episode of the favorite pitch program on ABC, Sharks Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec compiled to remember regarding their favored minutes from the show.

Greiner asked her fellow Sharks just what their preferred pitches were, as well as instead of going with just what they took into consideration to be the most effective, they chose to go over the ones they located one of the most ridiculous.

We’ve summarized the eight craziest pitches they discussed, and also you’ll promptly view why the Sharks discover them so memorable.

The Ionic Ear sets a high bar for crazy in the initial episode.

The Sharks concur that a pitch from the pilot episode has actually stayed one of the most ridiculous.

Darren Johnson seeks $1 million for a 15 % risk in his company Ionic Ear. His pitch: Your Bluetooth earpiece move excessive (this was 2009), which disrupts calls. Why not have the same technology surgically implanted right into your ear canal? As well as at the end of daily, you put a Q-Tip-like battery charger into your ear to bill the device.

Johnson is humorless and also doesn’t prove his qualifications.

There will likely be a time when dental implanted innovation is a thing, yet the Ionic Ear isn’t visiting be a pioneer.

Throx is based totally on offering 3 socks at once.

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Edwin Paradise, a business owner which both noises and also appears like a Vegas magician, gets in the container in period 1 looking for $50,000 for 25 % equity.

His firm Throx produces socks that are marketed 3 each time to make sure that you’ll always have an additional sock after you lose among them. There’s absolutely nothing remarkable about the sock quality, yet hey, you get three in each pack.

The Sharks do not see it as an actual business possibility, and O’Leary even allows Paradise recognize that he considers him a ‘vampire cockroach.’ Yikes.

Things rise rapidly with the Carsik Bib.

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Les Cookson is a father with a number of youthful boys that obviously have quite little command over their stomachs. He invented the Carsik Bib, essentially a barf bag used as a bib developed for children in vehicle seats. In season 2, he seeks $30,000 for 15 % equity.

Almost right away after introducing himself and also the problem of carsick children, he transforms to his crudely made child-size dummy and also puts a disgusting blend of green soup as well as corn via the dummy’s head, sprinkling everywhere.

The Sharks could have enjoyed the demo, yet they don’t view a sensible business plan. ‘If I really offered you 30 marvelous, I would certainly throw up in this thing,’ O’Leary mentions to Cookson.