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The big news today is the government sequester that’ll enter effect. As part of the compromise to pass a financial cliff tax offer on January 1, politicians in Congress agreed that a sequester – or around the board cuts – would come into result at the start of March if nothing were done to prevent the situation.

That deadline is here, and the cuts in government spending threaten tasks and programs in a number of states. Some states will be struck more challenging than others. Is your state on the list of hardest-hit states? Business Insider has a list of the 11 states likely to bear the worst:

  1. Texas: This state could lose about $67.8 million in education and learning financing. Company Expert estimates that might suggest slashing Head Start services for virtually 5,000 kids, and risking 930 instructor and assistant jobs.
  2. New York: In the Empire States, there are expectations that public health funding will be the hardest struck by the sequester. More than $1 million will be impacted for public wellness response, and virtually $6 million will be taken from substance abuse programs, and nearly $3 million from HIV screening.
  3. California: There are expectations that 64,000 noncombatant military furloughs will be enacted. Plus, there’s the expectation of $87.6 million in education cuts.
  4. Virginia: An additional state where defense is going to take a hit. 90,000 noncombatant DoD staff members are anticipated to be furloughed in a sequester circumstance.
  5. Maryland: More military money is on the table in Maryland, where a $353.7 million gross pay reduction would be the result of DoD furloughs for noncombatant staff members.
  6. Florida: Education and learning is on the table in the Sunlight State, which can see $54.5 million in education and learning cuts, having an effect on primary, secondary, and Head State programs.
  7. Pennsylvania: Childcare services are on the chopping block in Pennsylvania. These services help close to 1,800 disadvantaged children get access to child care.
  8. Ohio: In an economic climate where tasks are essential, Ohio could possibly be the loser. Job-search aid programs are facing cuts that’d influence even more than 57,000 would-be employees. Public health financing is additionally on the chopping block.
  9. Illinois: Public safety funds are most likely to be affected by sequester in Illinois. About $587,000 in justice assistance grants are on the table, and there’s also $33.4 million in education and learning funding at stake.
  10. Michigan: In Michigan, it’s everything about the elders. Amongst the programs anticipated to be struck hardest are those that provide meals to elders.
  11. Alaska: Fish and wildlife security resources are at risk in Alaska.