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Since mid-February, two of the greatest on-line banks slashed rates on their savings accounts and added to a recognizable drop in the nationwide savings rate average, which fell from 0.32 % APY to 0.30 % APY in the past month.

American Express Bank’s cost savings rate went from 0.90 % APY to 0.85 % APY. Ally Bank followed up last month’s savings-rate cut from 0.95 % APY to 0.90 % APY with an additional rate cut, now, it’s down to 0.84 % APY.

Meanwhile, Barclays Bank remains to hold the leading nationwide savings rate at 1.00 % APY. But, with the rate drops at big online banks, Barclays Bank is not really likely to keep that appealing rate for long. More recent online banks often provide extremely competitive rates to generate new consumers and deposits. When American Express Bank was still a novice, it offered the very best saving rate for time, before making rate cuts.

Usually, a significant drop in cost savings rates follows grim information from the Federal Reserve. But, the central bank did not hold a board meeting in the past month. Another conference is slated for next week.

Since the Fed pegged a possible rate of interest hike to an improving employment market, savers should watch on tasks data. One piece of great news is the falling joblessness rate, which was reported to be 7.7 percent in February, below 7.9 percent in January, baseding upon the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The table below programs the modifications in savings rates at benchmark financial institutions from Feb. 15, 2013 to March 15, 2013. By keeping track of the cost savings rates at a few of the largest banks, we get a concept of where rates at other banks and financial institutions are goinged.

Bank Savings account APY (as of 2/15/13) APY (as of 3/15/13) APY Change
Chase Savings 0.01% 0.01% 0%
Bank of America Regular Savings 0.01 0.01% 0%
Ally Bank High Yield Savings 0.90% 0.94% -0.06%
Capital One 360 360 Savings 0.75% 0.75% 0%
American Express Personal Savings 0.90% 0.85% -0.05%

With increasingly more online banks being presented, cost savings rates can vary considerably. It’s a great idea to compare rates and attributes if you are looking for a brand-new cost savings account.