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The team at MyBankTracker browsed countless reviews to find the most vital, eye-opening reviews on the 5 most significant banks in the U.S., including Bank of America, Citibank, Chase, Wells Fargo, and UNITED STATE Bank. If you are considering switching over to among these banks, consider the following reviews before making your choice. If you are a client at one of these banks, go to each bank’s profile page to leave a review and learn what your fellow financial members are saying.

*Reviews have been edited for spelling or grammar, to ensure it makes good sense. These were the testimonials that were voted ‘most practical’ by various other individuals.

Bank of America

“overdraft fees”

Kathy A. discussed a terrible overdraft fee experience that left her in bad spirits:

I simply closed 3 accounts w / BOA- I was charged $140 in overdraft costs although my bank statement didn’t show a negative balance. I’d 4 charges on my account that were pending, an automatic deposit was made and cleared 1 or 2 days prior to the 4 charges cleared. I called customer service- on hold for a long period of time then they were impolite and no aid, went to a branch and spoke to the vice- president. He tried to inform me that when I made a cost on my account the cash is taken out that second and put into a BOA holding account to wait for the business to request it, even if that takes 3 or 4 days.

I was likewise informed that the bank itself can see transactions on their pc that clients cannot see on their desktop computers. So your electronic banking and your bank statement aren’t the true records of your deals. I asked the vice-president of the branch to please fix the problem, he flatly refused and offered no aid. I told him that I’d be closing my 3 accounts and spreading out the word not to utilize his bank and why. He informed me ‘go on and do whatever I needed to’ he did not care in the least.

“Go on and Get rid of all of your difficult made money !!!!”

Amanda C. had a bizarre scary story in which her account was frozen and wrongly charged a substantial amount of money:

Bank of America is a criminal !!! Please do not utilize this bank ever before in your lives if you want a protected place to hold your money. They froze my account and made it 1.7 million in the hole. They’d not address any of my concerns and they took my paycheck. I got paid on Jan 14th and still haven’t received it and it’s Jan 25. I’ve never ever bounced a check or had actually any returned items in my account. They really charged me $50 for evaluating my account because they thought something happened to it.

Please, I inform you don’t utilize this bank. It resembles handing your cash to the devil. I’ve actually had to battle every day just to attempt and redeem MY money. I’d never ever in my life count on this bank to hold more than $5 at a time because it’s simply that easy for them to freeze someones account without stating a word and without knowing where you can get the cash that was in your account.

“Save yourself a lot of sorrow and go elsewhere”

Kens opened about the bank’s absence of accuracy and efficiency in many of their services:

Had been a client since 1991, the larger they got the worst they got. Now it’s the 8 arm monster and none of the arms know exactly what the other one is doing. They get accounts confused, numbers wrong. Never ever return calls or e-mails. Took months to close all the accounts which were all in excellent standing. Even had troubles getting in safe deposit box. Always really slow-moving service, very lengthy to do business with either on the phone or personally. Last straw: it took 3 orders before they got our checks printed properly. Extremely sluggish to do anything. Changed everything to BB&T extremely fast, precise and great.

If you currently make use of Bank of America, see their profile page on our site to review even more reviews, see how they rank, discover branches near you, and more!

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