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Every year, there are items that increase in cost. Even if rates drop in one area, they’re bound to increase in others. Of course, gradually, the general trend is towards price inflation.

But, for 2014, there are a couple of things that you want to especially watch for. CNN Cash has 10 things you’ll pay even more for in the coming year:

Nuts: Consumers are demanding more nuts (a “healthy” treat alternative), however the crop has been inadequate. It’s been rough in the United States, and in Spain. Expect to pay even more with a decreasing supply.

Mail: On January 26, 2014, the United States Postal Service is raising the price of stamps to 49 cents from 46 cents. Think about stockpiling on Forever stamps to beat the rate increase.

Homes: The improving economy indicates higher home costs. According to CNN Money’s record of stats from CoreLogic, house rates are most likely to rise by 5 percent in 2014.

Rent: Not only are house rates rising, but rentals are increasing in cost as well. Try to find greater rates especially in hot real estate markets.

Honey: Nest Collapse Disorder continues to affect the bee population, and weather conditions are also causing troubles with the supply. Prices are readied to spice for 2014.

Chocolate: I am really bummed about this one, since I love chocolate. According to CNN Money, the weather condition is as soon as again a major offender, spoiling crops and causing supply troubles.

Satellite TV: The satellite TELEVISION companies plan to boost their fees. I do not get this, since it might drive even more people to online streaming alternatives.

Public Transit: Fares are on the increase around the country. Likewise, do not forget about the reality that a tax break that concentrates on public transit charges will also attack commuters in their wallets.

Health Care: Healthcare costs always increase. Although healthcare costs only increased by 3.3 percent in 2013, that’s anticipated to alter in 2014, when CNN Cash reports that they could go up by 7 percent.

Taxes: Lastly, taxes are likely to go higher, since there are completion to specific tax breaks since December 31, 2013.