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Although financial laws have been put in location to minimize the possibilities of customers getting hit with overdrafts, overdraft charges are still a significant revenue source for banks. Today, among the most significant UNITED STATE banks is making it’s overdraft charge policy a little less consumer-friendly.

  • H&R Block has issued $25 present cards as part of an apology for its tax preparation software glitch. Hundreds of countless tax returns were obviously delayed. Clients need to have had their returns fixed and they ought to have either received their refunds or anticipate a check in the mail.
  • On Tuesday, the Federal Reserve will hold its next two-day board meeting. In its last conference in March, the main bank didn’t make any major announcements to its monetary laws. Despite slight enhancements in current months, the high unemployment rate remains a sticking around drag on the U.S. economy.
  • The end of National Financial Literacy Month is concerning an end. Have you taken any steps to enhance your financial circumstance? If not, there’s still a few days left to take action. At the minimum, you should take MyBankTracker’s monetary test to see how well you are doing (and to brush up on your cash understanding).
  • On Wednesday, the following rate change will take place for Collection I cost savings bonds. They are still efficient in beating every 1-year CD rate on the market, just if you lock in the current six-month rate, which is available up to April 30.
  • On Friday, PNC Bank will implement a new policy for overdraft charges. Currently, consumers pay a $26 charge for the first overdraft in the first 12 months, the charge is $36 for each succeeding incident because same time period. The brand-new policy will impose a flat $36 fee for each and every overdraft incident.

PNC Bank to Change Overdraft Laws: 5 Things to Know for the Week