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Most of us dream of a windfall. We consider exactly what’d take place if we were unexpectedly rich and did not have to worry about money any longer.

For a couple of mins, Chris Reynolds had that feeling, according to CNN Money. When he received his PayPal statement for June, he saw that he’d $92 quadrillion in his account. To put that into perspective, the richest individual worldwide, Carlos Slim, is “just” worth $67 billion. Reynolds was, for an extremely small period of time, about a million times richer.

In reality, that kind of cash is even more than 1,000 times the GDP of the whole world.

A commenter on the Gizmodo report of the story pointed out that if Reynolds had actually been able to put that cash in an account paying 0.50 % APR for only a single day, the interest would’ve been $12 billion. That’s the power of substance interest right there.

Of course, Reynolds did not think that he was really a quadrillionaire. When he logged into his PayPal account, he found that the world was as it should be – his balance was $0.

Rather than let Reynolds keep any of the cash, however, PayPal agreed to contribute an undisclosed amount to a reason for his selection. Still, that’s excusable. Someone in need will likely gain from this error.

And exactly what’d Reynolds have finished with all of that money? CNN reports that he said he’d have paid down the nationwide financial obligation. That’d have put the UNITED STATE back in the black and he still would’ve had a lot of money left over.

If you got a huge windfall, what’d you do with the money?