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The Obamacare medical insurance exchanges will open for business quickly (October 1, 2013), with big modifications for medical insurance carriers and consumers alike. Many Americans have concerns about the law’s mandates and available plans and who needs to buy exactly what from whom. Add to that current news stories about employers such as Trader Joes and Walgreen’s dropping company offered coverage (both will offer cash to workers to buy their own insurance coverage, instead), and confusion reigns.

Naturally, unscrupulous scamsters have entered the disorder to con people out of their money and their sensitive individuality information, such as charge card and Social Protection numbers.

As reported today in the New york city Times, the White Home is alerting consumers to be careful of high pressure sales pitches guaranteeing to register consumers in a health plan plan provided on the exchange:

White House officials said that customers should be suspicious if anybody asked them for money to enlist in a health insurance provided through an insurance policy exchange. Legitimate insurance coverage counselors and ‘registration assisters’ won’t request for money, they stated.

In addition, White House authorities stated that Medicare recipients didn’t have to sign up through an insurance coverage exchange. Advocates for older Americans said that many were puzzled and incorrectly believed that they should make an application for coverage through the exchanges, arranged to open Oct. 1.

Today’s White House statement is part of a larger effort by the federal government to alert customers of possible fraud.

How to Protect Yourself

The government is motivating Americans to take a number of steps to safeguard themselves from scams.

  • DO NOT give out personally identifying info such as credit card numbers and Social Safety numbers.
  • DO NOT agree to pay for assistance register in an exchange-offered plan.
  • Current Medicare enrollees DO NOT should purchase added protection by means of an exchange.
  • DO become notified of your rights, responsibilities, and protections under Obamacare at Healthcare. gov and the Kaiser Household Foundation’s substantial coverage of health reform.

Have you been contacted by a con artist providing to assist you enroll in insurance policy on an exchange? Is the new law perplexing?