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A few days before we picked up our dog Doughty, my wife and I went to the animal shop to examine off the items on the list offered us by the breeder: crate, food and water bowls, collar and leash, and so on

Everything on the list was a cinch to find and pick till we got to collar and leash. There were so many to choose from – routine old clasp collars in fabric or nylon webbing or leather, silvery choker collars, vicious toothy prong collars. Our little terrier did not need some of those!

We did exactly what many people do when confronted with too many options – we went with exactly what we understood, which was the regular old clasp collar and a purple nylon leash. So cute! Likewise method too huge. It was several weeks before we fitted Doughty into both, set out for our first walk, and found our error.

How I Discovered the Easy Walk

Doughty plucked every brand-new odor and shape and color, choking and hacking all the means up the walkway. We tried all the techniques we could keep in mind from previous puppies and a few even more we discovered on the Internet and in guides we ‘d bought.

Nothing worked. A walk is supposed to be pleasurable for pet and walker alike! We called a local obedience institution for help.

Halfway with the first session the fitness instructor recommended we give up our goal of having a dog that heels impressively on a regular leash and collar.

‘However what about the pulling?’ I said.’One day she’s going to choke herself!’

‘Oh, we will stop that. We will simply use a different leash and collar.’

They sold them in the kennel shop, she told us. We were doubtful. If we did not like it, we could return it.

Five years later, Doughty uses that same Easy Walk Harness every early morning on our walk. Whenever an additional pet dog walker stops me on the pathway and talk about how well my canine heels and never ever seems to pull, I smile and point at the harness. ‘I want I could state it was me, but it’s all in the harness. Night and day. You really ought to attempt it.’

What’s Great About It

The Easy Walk looks like all those various other dog harnesses did not1 seen that loop over the back, under the chest, and throughout the breastbone. With those, the leash attaches to a ring on the pet dog’s back, the entire setup type of like a draft horse’s harness. In fact, while those harnesses avoid the dog from choking itself, they make pulling easier, while likewise encouraging the canine’s impulse to pull.

It Prevents Pulling

Instead, on the Easy Walk, the leash connecteds to the harness with a ring on the breastbone strap. The dog is still protected in the harness and still safeguarded from choking. Nevertheless, connecting at the breastbone makes pulling more difficult due to the fact that there’s much less to pull against. Plus, whenever the pet pulls, the benefit’s to turn the canine in towards the handler’s legs and feet, no location a pet dog wishes to go.

Put those 2 impacts together and unexpectedly did not0 the neighborhood’s model dog-walker.

What else is great?

It’s Durable

Doughty has actually seen almost five years of daily walks showcasing lots of fetch in the park and periodic romps in the browse at Dog Beach.

It’s Easy to Clean

Just toss in the washer with the rest of your canine’s toys and bedding.

What the Easy Walk Compares To

Some of my next-door neighbors with bigger dogs use the Easy Walk Gentle Leader. It’s a routine collar with a loop around the canine’s snout that’s supposed to increase the ‘turn-in’ result. Looks uncomfortable to me, but I have never made use of one.

I have seen prong collars – the vicious toothy things I mentioned above – in use, too, and I comprehend they’ve their adherents. I am not one of them.

Most of my neighbors use the basic harness, and I’ve also while dog-sitting my sister-in-law’s puggle. It prevents choking, however it doesn’t dissuade pulling.

Who the Easy Walk Is Best For

Any dog walker who’s actually struggled with a pulling pet dog will value the Easy Walk, possibly especially those with small canines who appear to prosper on pulling (and yapping) and have smaller sized, less muscular necks.

How It Could Be Better

The harness does not heal pulling with 100 % effectiveness. My pet has found out a ‘crab-walk’ where she angles her body such that the leash and snap increase over her shoulder, like a hobo’s stick or a messenger bag band. Yeah, creative.

Also, the adjustment doo-hickeys on the breastbone band do not stay put for lengthy and readjusting them is picky. It’s essential to keep that component snug because otherwise the snap and the leash dangle, which makes crab-walking simpler and allows the dog to step over the leash. To deal with the step over issue, an additional Easy Walk user I know connects the leash to the harness and to the dog’s regular collar.

What They Do not Mention in the Manual

Nobody else understands ways to put it on. Seriously. Your sister-in-law who canine expect you’ll put it on like a regular harness therefore will the groomers at the grooming location and the techs at the veterinarian.

My trick is to bear in mind that the Easy Walk label is on the leading band and I leave that strap buckled all the time. I unbuckle the bottom band to put it on and take it off. When we are ‘preparing’ (don’t state that around Doughty unless you suggest it), Doughty sits, I slip the loop made by the top band and breastbone strap over her head, then pull the bottom strap behind her forelegs and buckle it.

Bottom Line Recommendation

I’m a firm believer in the Easy Walk Harness and suggest it to pet owners every possibility I get. I’ve actually even given a few as presents. At $15 approximately, it’s a reduced threat acquisition that’ll settle often times over in less pulling, more delightful walks, and a much better handler-dog relationship, total.

Where to Get Yours

Doughty got hers at obedience institution, however I’ve actually seen them all over.

  • Big box pet retailers
  • Local pet supply shops

Priced from $12 to $35 depending on size and merchant.

Note: The PetSafe Easy Walk Harness utilized to be called the Premier Easy Walk Harness, but Premier was recently purchased by PetSafe. You might see one or the other brand name on the product packaging while they resolve old Premier branded stock.

What’s your favored pet walk harness or collar?