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Love might be blind, but it’s not to a sucker: a new survey reveals that a bulk of individuals seriously consider a possible partner’s credit history when deciding whether or not to pursue a relationship.

According to CNN Money, which reported on the survey, 57 % of guys and 75 % of women stated that the credit score of the individual they are dating is a quality they consider carefully. Furthermore 30 % of women and 20 % of guys went so far as to report that they’d not marry someone with an inadequate credit rating. While only 1 % of the 1,000 people surveyed admitted to bringing up credit scores on the first date, 39 % discussed this crucial sign of financial duty within the first year of a relationship.

The survey revealed that financial responsibility and financial compatibility as more important in a potential partner than nearly any other characteristic in a prospective friend, above physical tourist attraction, sexual compatibility, and career passion. Interestingly, men also rated financial responsibility as more crucial or simply as important as physical attractiveness, a searching for that contradicts the cultural trope that men value physical appeal over all else.

Most experts concur that the importance individuals are putting on credit ratings nowadays is most likely an outcome of the economic crisis, throughout which the value of financial obligation was actually driven house. Lots of people saw family and friends get burned by bad money behaviors and don’t want to get involved with someone who may sully their monetary future. In that same vein, those who’ve taken pains to safeguard their credit by avoiding financial obligation and paying bills on time do not want to threaten their effort by dating or weding somebody who has not already done the exact same.

Would you become romantically included with somebody who’s a bad credit score?