Make method for a new entrant to the swimming pool of money back credit cards: the brand-new Citi Double Money Card. It’s the chops to turned into one of the most popular money back credit cards, thanks to its generous money back program.

New Citi Double Cash Card Offers 2% Cash Back: Should You Get It?

The Double Cash Card has no annual cost and provides endless 1 % money back on all purchases. Then, you’ll get another 1 % cash back on the account balance that you pay off (a minimum of the minimum quantity due). Successfully, you are getting a total of 2 % money back.

There’s a mental play here. Citi is utilizing that additional 1 % cash money back as a reward for good payment habits. Want that cash money back? You better settle that balance.

The card’s other advantages – consisting of EMV chip technology, travel mishap insurance, ride cancellation/interruption insurance and concierge service – are great, however they do not do anything to set Double Cash money apart from other cards. These are perks that can be found with many other charge card. The cash back program is the star of the program.

But, there are some preliminary issues that I’ve about the Double Cash money Card:

How does it hold up against other cards?

Citi’s Double Money Card is undoubtedly intending to steal the attention far from the Capital One Quicksilver Money Rewards Charge card, which offers endless 1.5 % money back on every purchase.

The 1.5 % cash money back from Quicksilver simply can not compete with the 2 % cash back from the Double Money Card – it’s a pure numbers video game on this front.

The Double Cash Card even trumps the Fidelity Financial investment Rewards American Express card. Although both cards offer 2 % cash money back on everything, the Fidelity card requires that you likewise maintain an eligible Fidelity account (where you gather your cash money back) – a small obstacle to owning the card.

But, if you’ve an even more certain spending pattern, then Citi’s Double Money Card will still disappoint other popular cash money back credit cards.

– Discover it®: Discover it ® administers 5 % money back on various categories that alter every quarter (you’ve to register every time). Normally, the classifications include gas, restaurants, shopping and even more. You’ll make more in general cash back if you can make best use of the 5 % money back categories.

– American Express Blue Money Preferred: If you are buying plenty of groceries regularly, you are much better off with the American Express Blue Cash money Preferred card, which provides 6 % cash money back at U.S. supermarkets (on up to the first $6,000 grocery purchases annually, 1 % afterwards).

– Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard: You are most likely wondering if the Double Cash Card has an upper hand on Arrival Plus, which pays out 2 miles per dollar invested (for a yearly cost of $89 – waived first year). I ‘d say no, if you are traveling frequently. The waived foreign transactions and the 10 % miles back on travel redemptions are the factors that make Arrival Plus the better card.

Card Citi Double Cash Card Discover it® American Express Blue Cash money Preferred Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard
General rewards 2 % effective cash money back (1 % on purchase + 1 % on paid balances) 1% cash back 1% cash back 2 miles per dollar
Bonus rewards None 5 % money back on perk categories that change quarterly (registration needed) 6 % money back at U.S. supermarkets (on the first $6,000 invested each year), 3 % money back at gas stations and choose department stores None
Annual fee $0 $0 $75 $89
Notable perks Personal concierge and journey cancellation/interruption insurance No penalty APR, totally free FICO ® credit scores online and on month-to-month statements None. (It just has the common card protections and insurance coverages.) 10 % miles back on travel redemptions, no foreign transaction charges and individual concierge

My recommendation: The Citi Double Cash money Card is a terrific “sidekick” to the remainder of the gifts charge card in your wallet. Can not earn even more than 2 % money back on purchase? Use the Double Money Card rather.

Is it a Visa, MasterCard or American Express?

Citi has actually been known to partner with Visa, MasterCard and American Express for its charge card. The extra advantages of the Double Cash money Card can differ relying on which one Citi choices as the partner.

Citi has actually not discussed what kind of card it’ll be.

Many individuals fear that the card is an American Express card, which is less widely accepted by business than Visa and MasterCard.

However, judging by the advantages that’s listed, the Double Cash money Card is most likely provided in collaboration with Visa or MasterCard. The ride cancellation and disruption insurance coverage informs me that it will be either a Visa Signature or World MasterCard card.

What if I wish to convert an existing Citi card?

I understand for a reality that there are present Citi cardmembers who want to convert their accounts to the Double Money Card … because I’m one of them.

After speaking Citi, I discovered that I might convert my Citi card to the Double Money Card, just not yet. Here’s exactly what I was informed:

“If you wish to transform your existing card to the Citi Double Money Card, you’ll have to wait until September 7th. You can call client service after September 7th at 1-800-950-5114 to request your existing account to be transformed to the new card.”

Now, I am uncertain exactly what’ll certainly take place to the rewards already built up on my account. Considering that I’ve the Citi Dividend card, which is a money back card, I am hoping that I would not have to stress that the money back balance would disappear. Otherwise, I ‘d simply redeem the cash money since the card conversion.

Other people who’ve Citi card that take part in the ThankYou rewards program could need to check with Citi prior to asking for a conversion – it’s finest to make use of those points now if they are going to vanish.

New Citi clients, on the other hand, can make an application for the card promptly.


In completion, there’s no doubt that the new Citi Double Money Card is an amazing credit card. With the 2 % money back program, it’s the best general-purpose cash money back charge card for purchase classifications that aren’t generally eligible for benefit money back on other cards.

I expect Citi Double Money to become an instantaneous hit.

Again, nevertheless, you must explore your most typical (and largest) purchases to see if you can get more than simply 2 % cash back. After you’ve actually completed this evaluation of our spending, you may end up discovering a better option on MyBankTracker’s list of the very best cash money back credit cards.

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