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What’s the good of purchasing food via your smartphone’s Grubhub app or buying a car via its Uber app if you don’t likewise have an app to make sure there’s some money left on your credit card when it arrives?

Well soon you will, thanks to Ondot, a San Jose-based company that simply revealed Card Control, a mobile command center for beating scams, all built into your phone.

At the most fundamental degree, the app acts as an extra line of defense against fraud, permitting the user to toggle the card’s usage on or off, or set the card to just operate within specific parameters.

For example, a location-based control suggests one can set their card to work only in a specific zip code, implying it’ll instantly shut off if it gets nabbed and taken for a trip. Or, the app can sync a phone’s GPS to the card, effectively disabling it if they are separated (e.g., the card is left behind).

Other users may decide to toggle sorts of business the card will work with, disabling e-merchants up until the user by hand opens them prior to making a purchase, for example.

And here’s where – even for those unconcerned with scams – the app gets actually interesting. That very same innovation permits parents to limit or toggle types of spending on their kids’ charge card, implying one may allow food purchases but bar clothes expenses on any specific card. And the app would even allow parents to monitor their children’ card usage in genuine time.

While the company’s been around because 2011 and already raised $18 million in financing, the app itself is just now rolling out, having actually already partnered with four major card processors dealing with 10,000 banks and cooperative credit union across the nation.