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The Federal Reserve has simply announce that it’ll begin circulating brand-new $100 bills on October 8, 2013.

Most of the $100s in circulation today were minted back in 1996, because that time, counterfeiters have found imaginative and highly efficient strategies to create fake expenses. The Federal Reserve has actually been working for years to produce a more secure $100 note and had actually initially planned to begin distributing new bills starting in February of 2011. Nevertheless, a manufacturing problem – which triggered blank areas to form in the expenses when they were folded – delayed their release.

Undeterred, the Fed corrected the imperfection and is gearing up to roll them out in fall. So what modifications can Americans anticipate? According to Gizmodo, the following changes, amongst numerous others, will make the new $100 almost impossible to illegally duplicate:

  • A 3-D security ribbon, which is woven into the costs, plays a high-tech technique on examinations: it includes bell icons which alter to 100s when the expense is moved
  • An inkwell icon with a Liberty Bell photo on top of it’s plainly printed on the front of the costs. Both are appear copper in color until the expense is moved – this triggers the bell to turn green.
  • To the right of the huge picture of Benjamin Franklin, a smaller watermark of his image appears when the costs is held up to the light
  • The number 100 is printed in the lower right of the front of the bill, when the note is moved, the 100 turns from green to black
  • The print on the bill is raised and feels slightly rough when you run your fingers over it

The strategies made use of to produce even more protected currency are excellent and will be tough for lawbreakers to prevent, still, with more advanced technology comes more sophisticated techniques for gaming it. The Federal Reserve will should regularly modify and revamp its counter-counterfeiting approaches.

What do you think about the brand-new $100 expense?