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It’s wedding period, which means that everyone is getting married at the exact same time, and you’ll have to pick which weddings you want to attend. For this week’s Money Chat, we knotted in MyBankTracker’s Advertising Director Anthony, who’s been in the middle of attending weddings for the last few summer seasons.

Claire: I did go into financial obligation as soon as because of traveling for a wedding, and I’d like to know if you men would want to do the same. There’s likewise the bachelor and bachelorette celebrations, and some individuals also have locations for those too!

Anthony: Yeah I visited Montreal weeks ago for a stag party.

Amy: I am not at the age where my buddies are all getting married, however I am likely to say that for close friends, I ‘d want to go into financial obligation to attend their weddings if required.

Anthony: They all come rapid-fire … you just don’t have a July any longer. I am in the middle of that today. The method I look at it, it’s a wonderful day where I get to celebrate with all my buddies. I also get to see people I never once see, so it resembles a mini-reunion. My friends are all over the place, but primarily in the Northeast, so I don’t need to take a trip too far. To me it’s certainly worth it to spend the money and determine a method to make it happen.

Amy: Have you needed to take a trip extremely far for a wedding?

Anthony: Everything has pretty much been in the Northeast. I’ve to travel to Chicago for a wedding, was in Montreal for a stag party. I have been to Montreal for like 3 stag party.

I feel like destination weddings are a tactic for a great deal of individuals. I used to have a pal who’d a destination wedding at Hawaii, and he knew nobody was going to have the ability to make it to the wedding aside from his closest pals and his family. But everyone who he welcomed had to send a gift, so …

Claire: That’s another thing, too. You’ve to take a trip to the wedding, you’ve to reserve a hotel, you need to pay for meals and alcohol, and afterwards on top of that, you’ve to provide a gift! It’s so costly. When you are in fact in the middle of commemorating, you do not truly think about it and you simply spend.

Amy: So have you ever before said “no” to any of your pals’ weddings?

Anthony: Nope, never. But in the past, my girlfriend at the time had to go to weddings every couple of months, and I feel like ladies have it worse when it comes to attending weddings.

Amy: Expenditures for a guy going to a wedding, I make sure, are less than what girls have to invest.

Bishoy: I’d do it. If the pal isn’t that close, I most likely would not even be invited in the first place, but if it was for a close friend, I’d certainly do it. You’ve to exist.

Anthony: Do you think about it as paying it forward? You’ll at some point get married so you need to exist now so that they show up? (laughs)

Bishoy: (laughs) You just have to be there. If you sat there long before wedding and thought, “Should I go or should I not?” Think 2 years down the line if you did not show up to the wedding. You’d regret it.

Amy: What’s the most you men have spent on going to a wedding?

Anthony: Weddings can start at like, $800, easy. There’s the air travel, the hotel, the meals, things you’ll be doing at the location beyond attending the event, the wedding gift. Thankfully for me, I save on air travels through my Chase Sapphire Preferred charge card – I acquire points and purchase tickets with Chase’s airline site!

Claire: Nice! And people generally get wed at truly good locations too, which means if it’s a good hotel, visitors are inclined to stay there and hand over costly costs for a room. There are means to conserve, but it still gets very pricey and individuals don’t think about it. It’s based on relationship and love and all of that, so you do not see dollar signs.

Anthony: They can be a trouble, however all-in-all … weddings are incredible. Just putting it out there, weddings are awesome!

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